How to Keep a Check on Your Car’s Radiator in Nigeria

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Source : How to Keep a Check on Your Car’s Radiator in Nigeria


the idea can be ironic how many car crashes occur because of a defect radiator in Nigeria despite the fact that will the idea can be one of the easiest tasks to handle.
radiator very crucial role to play within the performance of your vehicle, as can be responsible for maintaining the engine temperature when the idea gets hot, in addition to due to the vehicle being in motion. Some of the indicators pointing to the radiator malfunction as follows :. When the water temperature measurement appears on the temperature more than 0 degrees Celsius, or when the idea drifts acrid smell of the hood with steam

here we offer you numerous reasons why the idea may not be your radiator within the best shape in addition to what you possibly can to do to fix the idea.

(1). Coolant can be not sufficient:

The coolant can be a mixture of antifreeze (ethylene glycol), in addition to water, which helps keep the engine cool. Antifreeze, in addition to as the name suggests, the idea keeps the water coming from freezing within the winter or boiled within the summer – have something in common in Nigeria, with high temperatures in some cases to 40 degrees Celsius. When the coolant supply can be low or dried up, the idea can be likely to get overheated, which eventually lead to the collapse of the engine. the idea may be the cause of low coolant leakage level in a head gasket or even the essence of the heater. In order to avoid that will problem, you must monitor the coolant level once a month at least (I check mine every morning) in addition to renewed when the radiator can be serviced once a year.

(2). Blocked the radiator:

radiator can be likely to get clogged with dirt in addition to dead insects or little fragments of rock in addition to some other, which adds to prevent the flow of air, resulting in engine worked up. the idea can be seen clogging as you can upgrade your car hood, in addition to can also be checked with the help of infrared heat (which most of us in Nigeria do not have nevertheless should be in our tool boxes). A simple nevertheless effective way to open the radiator cap when the engine can be cool in addition to knowledge will be whether the liquid has no brown spots. that will would likely indicate contamination.

(3). Heat transfer materials:

within the past, used the brass needed to build radiators materials in addition to copper, nevertheless in recent times, has been replaced by these materials by aluminum core with plastic tanks that will are more lightweight, in addition to therefore more effective relevance in terms of the cost. Moreover, aluminum can be far suitable for heat transfer in addition to therefore you should replace the basic material of old car with them, to achieve better results.

(4). Radiator cover:

rarely achieved the idea, nevertheless if the radiator cap car includes a defect, the idea can also lead to a rise in engine temperature. within the case of the lid can be not placed tightly or turning, the idea will lead to a coolant leak which impedes the progress of the radiator in addition to. The limit can be set also in place to maintain the correct level of water pressure, which could be affected if no limit can be set correctly.

(5). Temperature:

heat of your vehicle can be the dominant device that will regulates the temperature in addition to a very large part of the radiator. When heat can be withheld, the idea becomes difficult for the hot water to flow into the radiator for cooling, which will result within your vehicle to get overheated. If taken regularly, care, in addition to the heat can be much simpler to manage in addition to can be also the most likely reason for the collapse of your vehicle.
mostly taken coming from most if not all used cars in Nigeria was due to the mechanics do not see a use for them. So please note – removing heat in addition to prevent your engine to reach its optimum operating temperature. Engines are designed to work in a maximum potential when all be warm in addition to toasty. The optimum operating level means your being within the best viscosity engine oil, hardware engine within the best temperature for that will generates less friction, your charge (mixture of air in addition to fuel) that will ignited within the best temperature to extract the greatest explosion of the idea as much as possible (otherwise you will get average bad fuel coming from your car), in addition to a host of some other things. Run your engine without heat will, for lack of a better word, “over the cool” your engine, that will can be not great. that will can seriously harm the engine in addition to reduce life through the increase in premature wear in addition to tear of its components. Trust me, I know. An engine like that will personally I’ve killed.
Do you have a pressure test of the mechanical drive / Great workshop if the temperature rise in addition to maintain that will part very large after a few of your engine where he belongs … inside the engine!

I desire that will the above tips will help you maintain your car radiator to choose in addition to to prevent a major meltdown, in addition to that will can cost you unwanted charges, during very hot sunny days in Nigeria.

Source: How to Keep a Check on Your Car’s Radiator in Nigeria

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