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Vauxhall Astra Intellilux LED headlights matrix in addition to self-dimming technology should have long ago termer Astra perfect companion on This particular night gathered


people who visit the country pubs inside evening usually expect to stay a few hours. On the night we called in, most of the patrons inside old Coach House, Ashby St Legers, near Rugby, did just which. This particular is actually doubtful even noticed the arrival of cars ‘excited’ at the nearby parking area, with additional lights, badges, mudflaps in addition to treatment chunky tires more vaguely oriented rise.

for us, This particular evening in late winter, This particular was a meeting point bar in addition to the beginning of the 12-rally car night navigation by the Automobile Club of Loughborough – in addition to Autocar his country was 19,459,006] Vauxhall Astra to be one of the entrants

Vauxhall Astra long-term test review: battling badge snobbery

movement gathered, fresh to me, is actually a form of accessible, however highly competitive competition under way against two dozens are provided crews -person (driver in addition to navigator) with hidden details of 50 miles, in addition to the road twohour which they must try to lead to a tighter timetable. This particular particular night, was supposed to begin at approximately 20:00 – which means which we will be well back before closing the bar

pulp challenge navigation collected in addition to successfully to reach in addition to pass through a series of marshalled controls on time (for the moment ) by the organizers, in addition to also to pass various undeclared “negative controls” to prove which you definitely followed the road. The average speed of the event set a little less than 30mph, in addition to which may seem tame, however, as I discovered, the combination of slow secondary roads, intersections complicated in addition to strange error soon means you give your car beans overnight in a delightful way to some extent.


our competitors interesting collection of cars, including some Renault Sport Clios , which is actually Lotus Elan Plus 2 covered in lights, in addition to Ford Puma in addition to Toyota GT86 . Navigator Andrew Duerden in addition to I stuck out in our recently arrived, very shiny in addition to perfectly standard swamp Vauxhall Astra diesel Lanka, however, looking at the others, in addition to I was sure we were in for a more comfortable ride for the field.

Duerden is actually a long time ago Vauxhall man regular in addition to orderly performance in marches night navigation, so because of This particular one we classify experts instead of the starters we had was if passengers your vehicle has been both inexperienced as me. Even when you’ve done many events, I still call you a novice, in addition to I was soon to discover why.

The idea of ​​using our Astra to march the night came about mainly because of a matrix Intellilux LED car headlights. With these, the Astra is actually a leading company in its class. A camera mounted on the screen, which monitors oncoming lights in addition to constantly shapes our front of your throw so you can not dazzle oncomers while shedding light on the much more forward area still than usual – a major security benefit. No wonder, even though This particular has been using the system for the very first time in expensive cars. inside Astra, This particular’s excellent so you do not go willingly return to the old system, in spite of the option cost of £ 995.

we carefully prepared inside your vehicle, I carefully adjust the mirrors in addition to cleaning inside the screen during the development Duerden office several lights map, folded maps just up in addition to prepared him “Poti” Map magnifier, a great tool to see the details of the map while navigating. This particular wife only cost a few quid, however without which you get lost

Vauxhall Astra long-term review of the test – the first report

we were seventh to start , separated by his rivals inside forward in addition to backward by one minute in each direction. I felt butterflies for a few seconds at the beginning, however This particular vanished as quickly as should have faded inside black. In each successive control component, This particular was Duerden to be handed a sealed envelope containing the details of our route for the next phase: a confusing (for me) a set of references map, zigzagging symbols in addition to diagrams on the clock face designed to show how to deal leaving some intersections.

Given the fact which everyone around you is actually pitch black (finished season navigation march for a week or two before the evenings are very light) in addition to the organizers are trying to challenge your intelligence, the chances of going wrong is actually high – which soon did. which had two effects: This particular increased the tension in addition to we are required to speed up rather dramatically to get back on schedule. The Duerden were not happy, however nevertheless we began collecting checks the time. I was enjoying myself in addition to Astra, a little hard however comfortable spread, was in its element.

This particular event, in addition to This particular was discovered, This particular was very difficult. There were a few wrinkles inside instructions the way, in addition to road works ups in a couple of places which everybody threw out. Very soon we were bolting strongly (however not in an unsafe way) along minor roads, thanking the creators car by those in addition to forget LED lights which lit up everything to the front of your vehicle, such as daylight in addition to exonerated any need for a driver to dip them for the arrival of traffic – leaving more time to direct more secure


truth, the stuff behind thewheel is actually not the hard part of the navigation marches. All you have to do is actually obey the instructions in addition to note the number if you see a little sign by the edge. (Likely to be a component of the negative control.)

two hours seem to go in 15 minutes. Suddenly we were back inside bar, where there was the expense of the organizers of the controversial results. The next day, we learned we achieved a 10 obscure 12, was amended at a later date to the ninth submerged. Continued I figured we had fun, in addition to which was the point, however Duerden was terrified. He said he did not do so badly inside 20-year-old in addition to he was a very strict person can be pleased with the performance of a tambourine.

After a week

One, a similar event near Rugby, won that has a different driver, without just one mistake. which tells you something.

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Source: How to go road rallying – in a Vauxhall Astra

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