How to buy the best pre-owned Porsche 911 – used car buying guide

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Source : How to buy the best pre-owned Porsche 911 – used car buying guide

1973 2.7 Porsche 911 Carrera RS


1973 2.7 Porsche 911 Carrera RS

longing to own a Porsche 911 after reading the comparison test we have a fresh one? Choose to use examples to suit every budget as well as the driver’s ability

market to be used Porsche 911s has always been not bad care of, after reading our comparison tests includes a fresh type, the item may well be in which the thinking at the earliest used Car magazine ready as well as willing to buy a Porsche of your dreams. With so many different examples to choose through, however, we have chosen 10 of the best to get you began.

1 – Code – 1973 2.7 RS Carrera

as well as we all know these cars as well as the prices at which you ordered at recent days. Right hand inside the original disks lightweight engine is actually probably a motor million pounds, using a left hook touring products still worth perhaps half as much. although less than ten so This specific cost, are replicas are available in which are indistinguishable to the eyes of every stripe, most experts as well as dish, whispering, the item is actually often better to drive.

2 – as well as a cheap one – 996 Coupe

Sorry, there is actually no such thing in This specific the days. I left only 911s in which you can buy for less than all 5 ancient figures, 996s long legs, which had been increased by the quality as well as reliability Shuffle cost engine issues. Shopping very carefully, as well as get a not bad idea of ​​which was already rebuilding the engine, as well as there are deals out there to be had.

3 – the deal – 996 Turbo

The rate was held unjustly by an engine in which affect issues 996s naturally aspirated, so This specific is actually the 911 Turbo only one who can buy anything approaching £ 25,000. Powered not the standard 996 engine, although completely unrelated “MEZGER” Le Mans-winning flat-six, delivered 420bhp 450bhp well-known before been installed upgrade “X50”. inside the form of bog standard, This specific is actually a sub-4.0sec 0-60mph car a top speed of almost 190mph. as well as the item’s turbo Porsche 911.

4 – Investment – 993 Coupe

we will be very careful about suggesting in which 911 cost any item even inside the short term. although if you buy to keep, a not bad 993 inside the form of a syringe as well as there. the item witnessed the Right as well as the eventual development of the original, air-cooled 911, 993s combination of 911 major talent – Easy to use as well as fun to drive – better than anything else. Go to the automobile inside the early “before Varioram” as well as keep the item simple: rear drive, coupe manual if you can, with the proper date as you can possibly afford. Currently, of about £ 35,000.

5 – The nearly fresh – 991 Carrera S (Gen 1)

extends not can perfectly for brand fresh Carrera S 85 K £’s, or just do not like the idea of ​​turbo engine? Then save yourself £ 30,000 as well as go first generation Carrera S using a fantastic engine is actually naturally aspirated. You’ll lose a few tenths to 60mph although due to the rescue, although in which so important? For once, avoiding the manual gearbox. as well as-speeder seven is actually the worst shift stick 911 since died of old 915 square “inside the late 1980s.

6 – as well as widowmaker – 964 Turbo

some people love the old 911s are not in spite of its flaws, although because of them. as well as the 964 Turbo is actually arguably the most flawed of all. the last of the Turbo Turbo one as well as with rear-wheel drive only, the item combines the enormous delay in Turbo with almost comical lack of balance of the structure. the steering as well as oversteer available in epic proportions, although to get the item right, you will feel more a sense of achieving more than 911 others you can buy. scarcity means a huge cost: £ 100,000 as well as up to 19,459,009]

7 – the all-rounder – 997 GTS

completed 911’ll also find than ever before. the item combines more than GT3’s performance with the best ride quality in any by 991 911. hydraulic steering provides a feel in which modern 911s yet to recover as well as upgrades hidden beauty make the item look too part. ever, avoiding the SUV, Bishop cabrio as well as transmission PDK if you want the best leadership as well as the best investment. Manual rear-wheel drive coupes are hard to find although worth the effort. Payment of £ 50,000 as well as above.

8 – classic – 911 SC

for a long time, as well as discarded unfairly dismissed as blue-collar 911s, as well as prices remained low, while others went. No longer: I woke up the market to the fact in which these were the best built, most reliable 911s for all, with more mid-range punch through behind technically faster Carrera as well as all the crazy action as well as the magic of air-cooled environment at an early time cars. Go to the late hour of the type using a 204bhp engine as well as expect to pay £ 30,000 or more for the right one.

9 – car motor sport – 997 GT3 (Gen 2)

if you bought a brand- the fresh 997 GT3 in 2009, as well as used the item regularly since then, the chances are in which you still get your money back again today, as well as in which means in which you have enjoyed GT3 free for six years. although they are worth the item. Although they are nothing like as fast as modern GT3s, to share the enormous driver along with the ease of daily use enough, still these GT3s unmatched.

10 – Jewel – 997 GT3 RS 4.0

forced to name the greatest 911 of everything, as well as This specific in which might be the item. Has the looks, power, as well as ratios, as well as the scarcity of (built 500), as well as most of all, experience as well as leadership to mark each square to 911 lover could want. Even the £ 250,000 in which cars are currently driving, as well as these appear to be the correct value of long-term investments.

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Source: How to buy the best pre-owned Porsche 911 – used car buying guide

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