How the auto industry could save Britain’s steel industry

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Source : How the auto industry could save Britain’s steel industry

Steelworks automobile along with also also steel industries Britain are inextricably linked. nevertheless I can save the first along with also also last? Intertwined


steel along with also also automobile industries in Britain, like very few others. Again within the darkness of the time, which was for the British steel industry to develop fresh technologies to make large steel plates which can hit within the big car plates for cars unibodied then a fresh type.

names such as steel pressure Fischer became the sole suppliers of automotive structures for some of the big names within the automotive industry within the United Kingdom, such as Rootes along with also also Jaguar. Steel pressure, in fact, has grown to be the largest provider of car bodies along with also also tools within the globe within the post-WW2

, nevertheless its grip on the UK market has fallen in recent times – with pressure via China along with also also competition via alternative materials such as aluminum along with also also carbon fiber.

China, for example, possess the ability to provide more than 800 million tons of steel a year, compared with 12M tons within the United Kingdom.

UK steel, however, is usually higher in quality along with also also more suitable for complex applications in modern automotive design – for example, in high-strength blanks designed along with also also galvanized anti paint corrosion


hard hit within the general trend overseas supply auto parts. Since the 1980s, when a car built within the United Kingdom exploded usually contained at least 80% of local content, along with also also reduce various factors such as labor costs, energy costs along with also also tops the currency of around 30%. Just recently he began to climb back up to 40%.

get accurate numbers within the steel market which is usually not which easy. SMMT along with also also these figures do not keep. . At present, Tata Steel is usually not divulging numbers

although some estimates suggest which the solid content of the auto at speeds of up to 65% – along with also also which includes all the components, such as gears, axles, suspension parts along with also also so on. Centeng in white – Centeng pressed b ‘Close’ (doors, boot along with also also bonnet) – close to 30% of its weight.

Multiply which by 1.3M cars along with also also steel-bodied each year within the United Kingdom built along with also also total tonnage can be more than just a 1.6M tons per year – about 13% of output within the United Kingdom total of 12 M tons per year

for example, the largest car factory in Britain, in Sunderland in April, makes 500,000 cars a year along with also also uses a large load of the UK steel – half of which provided by the Port Talbot alone. The rest comes via Europe, along with also also partly because of the costs of shipping the form of China is usually very high.

which is usually clear which there is usually an opportunity to boost which figure supplied the United Kingdom, nevertheless whether which’s enough to swing the financial balance in favor of the UK steel mills, such as Port Talbot debatable.

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Source: How the auto industry could save Britain’s steel industry

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