How Ford plans to take on Apple's iTunes with Ford Pass

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Source : How Ford plans to take on Apple's iTunes with Ford Pass

Mark Fieds Ford Pass is actually the Blue Oval’s brand-new connected infotainment suite, along with will connect customers to a range of mobility services


“which’s not for others to disrupt us, which’s for us to disrupt ourselves.”

So said Ford CEO Mark Fields at the Detroit motor show, on the day his company made a whole host of technology announcements which will see Ford “go by an auto company to an auto along with mobility company”.

Mobility is actually the word which kept coming up, Fields along with chairman Bill Ford both talking improving mobility to improve lives. nevertheless when you think about which, mobility is actually a tough word to define along with can come across as jargon. I had to look up what which meant…

I think from the context Ford uses which, mobility refers to anything to do with cars along with getting around which’s not the physical act of buying a car or driving which in a conventional way.

So which has launched a brand-new programme called Ford Smart Mobility which’s responsible for growing the mobility side of Ford’s business. which will look at things such as connectivity, data along with analytics, autonomous driving along with customer experience. “which’s a holistic way of looking at how we will grow in these areas, which are mainly technology ones,” said Fields.

The particular juicy nugget from the announcements was a comparison to Apple. Ford wants to do to the auto industry what Apple did to music with iTunes is actually quite a big one.

Ford pointed out which Apple was on its knees in 2000/01, before rebranding itself along with focusing on customer experience along with innovation.

Ford hopes its own Apple along with iTunes will come by its brand-new Ford Pass platform. Fields said Ford Pass might ensure which Ford’s “relationships with customers were as strong as our products. At the moment, we don’t pay enough to our customers after the purchase. Great companies have better relationships with their customers, along with also better revenues along with stock prices… We want to revolutionise the customer experience from the automotive industry.”

The key part of the Ford Pass system, which will be free to use along with is actually not just for Ford customers, are the Ford Guides, who you’ll call up to find out how to share or borrow a car, pre-book along with pay for parking, or help you navigate a congested route.

There’s a touch of a gimmick in there, nevertheless which’s perhaps just the tip of the iceberg for an opportunity Ford has sniffed. According to Ford, global car sales are worth around $2.3 trillion a year. Transportation services, including everything to public transport to taxis along with apps, are worth more than double which at $5.4 trillion.

Ford wants to be competing for those transportation services. Maybe Ford Pass isn’t the next Uber, maybe which is actually, nevertheless Ford will continue to try along with come up with the next big thing(s) from the automotive world (away by any oily bits) before someone else does. “We have to do which or someone will do which for us,” said Field, who confirmed which the company had hired a lot of people in recent months “to help us become a leader in smart mobility”.

All which does raise an obvious question: is actually Ford in danger of taking its eye off the ball of its core business? “which’s a great challenge,” said Fields. “which’s a challenge how to communicate how we’re not going by being an old company to a brand-new one, nevertheless how we’re going to be a bigger one.

“No-one will be marginalised. Sometimes we’ve gone off on tangents in the past along with away by our core, nevertheless if you’re an engine software specialist or suspension calibration engineer we’ll still love along with develop you all the same.”

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Source: How Ford plans to take on Apple's iTunes with Ford Pass

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