How does Mercedes-AMG solve a problem like Hamilton vs Rosberg?

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Source : How does Mercedes-AMG solve a problem like Hamilton vs Rosberg?

Formula 1 which’s no secret which the tension between the two top F1 drivers grow. is usually Mercedes AMG carries a plan to deal with which?


“Final Warning? Did not use those words … along with Nico Rosberg said” when asked about the threat of sanctions hanging himself along with Mercedes F1 -AMG team-mate Lewis Hamilton should collide with each various other various other again.

When a journalist asked the question during the Grand Prix news conference ahead of the British team at Silverstone which the team coach may Toto Wolff used exactly those words no more than 10 minutes before in his life scrum along with private media, glanced pointed Rosberg in a press officer for the team, who nodded in confirmation. Then with the eyebrows along with smile pupil, championship leader said: “! which does not look Great,” Cue laugh all over

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for Mercedes fact which drivers often collide is usually not a laughing matter. An accident on the last lap of the race Austria, where he was forced Rosberg Hamilton a long period abroad by a sharp bend from the second turn, where the two of them then made contact, the wrath of the hierarchy Stuttgart.

not so much because of the points which cost Rosberg dropped to fourth place, not even the death 10SEC along with got reprimanded. “We Manovra did not like because which could have ended in a double DNF along with we truly have looked silly, along with they know which,” said Wolf.

days after the third incident between them from the last all 5 races (which crashed in Barcelona along with significantly impeded each various other in 1 round in Canada) along with has been speculation about whether, from the end, a form of team orders may be established by Mercedes . On Thursday, after a meeting of another special team, put both drivers in no doubt which more indiscretion could incur penalties.

“If which can happen again, which is usually entirely in their hands, along with which could be something which could have a negative impact on their campaign,” Wolf said. “which is usually a final warning.”

details of all of the “rules of engagement” along with the brand new set of sanctions team is usually ready to impose public did not take place.

Wolf insists the focus is usually on maintaining competition between the drivers, along with be able to compete from the end as a team, while ensuring a positive triple star addresses. nevertheless which is usually hard to see what penalties could be imposed which could be effective while also being in one account of these goals.

options appear to include a benching drivers for the race, the team orders, or fines. nevertheless all of these options have negative effects. Imagine if dropped Rosberg to race the German Grand Prix, or Hamilton to Austin. which could hurt the image of Mercedes’ along with questioned whether which is usually being manipulated from the tournament, which, as Ferrari found in Austria in 2002, along with tends to prove common among the masses.

can also damage the relationship between the driver along with the team will undoubtedly be decomposed Mercedes opportunities ” to put two cars on the podium because he is usually unlikely to find the driver able to synchronize fast enough with the vehicle along with the team smoothly.

team orders could have a negative impact of public relations in a similar way. having a feature which is usually currently enjoying a Mercedes more than its competitors, the cars by eliminating plant contract effectively drama from the race along with lead to a negative reaction fan – with the a new is usually likely to bear the brunt of the reaction

, then one must ask what is usually a financial penalty may be imposed on the two contestants millionaires which could truly stop them take risks which are thought to lead them to win the earth championship?

will be considering these aspects Wolf. He had a sense of what the flag F1 enough to understand the implications of the intervention. nevertheless he does not answer the F1, or the fans, nevertheless for taxpayers in his Mercedes.

“I think we have more press about Mercedes, the real narrative of Formula 1 along with controversy, along with we gave which another dimension along with said at the weekend along with which’s a delicate balance.” “My job here is usually to secure victories along with championships in less harmful or the way most positive of Mercedes-Benz . If drivers crashed three times in all 5 races, which is usually not positive any more along with risking our main goal, which is usually to win the title. I understand the importance of addresses newspapers for F1 along with which’s great, nevertheless which’s not an easy task.

“The drivers are heroes along with I do not want to change the wire, along with which is usually the essence, along with in a few years we will look back along with say which was Rosberg / Hamilton, one of the iconic, one of the best battles, like Senna along with Prost. I am well aware which I do not want to exaggerate in dealing with him along with try to put down everything. “

which is usually encouraging. Mercedes carries a Great shape to deal with which situation, as is usually proved by wise approach after Ext GP took Spanish . nevertheless I can not help nevertheless wonder if either Alain Prost or Ayrton Senna had stood to be approved by any team.

for which matter, which is usually difficult to imagine Lewis Hamilton, in particular along with so, too.

, “along with I think which was always our destiny in our hands, so which does not truly change anything,” said the ace British, gunning for his fourth win at the end of which week. “We’re still able based on race, along with obviously in those races considered rulers me racing, so we … I … still race like which. “

Asked what he could do if Mercedes drivers Hamilton management summed up:” I want them on the basis of race, which’s for sure, along with will not carry the team orders for the race is usually why I am here along with why you want to be there: to see the race of men.

“I do not know if which’s all 5 collisions we have, I do not know how many collisions we had, nevertheless which is usually a little amount compared to the amount of success racing We’ve had one two finishes we have.”

Let’s trust, for the tournament, which allowed them to continue fighting, because which is usually what which should be.

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Source: How does Mercedes-AMG solve a problem like Hamilton vs Rosberg?

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