How Do You Go About Choosing The Right Car Seat?

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parents who buy baby car seat without going to the store to get the right advice along with safety demonstration could expose children at risk, according to brand new consumer research.

study conducted by revealed 80% of major retail chains sell child car seats along with training of experts from the shop who can advise on the most appropriate seat to buy along with explain how to fit the seat safely.

However, buy online, or used coming from a catalog or warehouse retailers such as Argos can lead to the wrong products being purchased along with installed seats that will seriously.

in mystery shop carried out by , along with the item was Argos wide range of car seats for sale, nevertheless were unable to provide advice on the suitability of staff products either the automobile to the customer or the child, along with was not able to explain how to fit seats safely.

In contrast, specialist retailers such as Mamas & Papas along with Mothercare experts were on hand to dispense advice along with demonstrations, as well as the installation of a car seat for free service. Mamas & Papas even includes a site reservation system to book time with experts from the shop

Jim holder, editorial director at , along with he said: “ nature stores such as Argos means that will while they sells a very wide range of different products in general, can not be required to give expert advice on products until safety-critical employees “

a spokesman for Argos:” as the retailer is actually responsible, Argos takes safety customers very seriously, especially with regard to products designed for children. We have strict processes to ensure that will the automobile seats in our group comply with the required safety from the European Union standards. We offer is actually included a wide range of car seats along with advice appropriate online nevertheless we do not offer those as a service from the shop . “


online shopping rapidly over the past 10 years, along with are spending increased by 45% to reach £ 62.7 billion by 2020 set

at the same time, the along that has a wide range of categories on the child car seats to confusion among consumers about what kind of car seat is actually the most suitable for a child or a young child.

List of brand new European safety car seat, called will also be displayed i-sized , from the near future. along with the item will determine the criteria for the seat must adhere to before they go on sale along with will also classify car seats by the child’s height rather than weight. that will is actually to avoid the common parent problem of moving children coming from the background infant facing redirect facing those from the very early

seats, said

holder: “ keep children safe from the automobile is actually the responsibility of every parent takes seriously . nevertheless finding the right along with appropriate car seat correctly is actually a minefield. there are a wide range of available seats along that has a few parents definitely understand the classification. with the brand new European safety organization, i-sized, entered into force at some point from the future along with the process of decision-producing on the verge of becoming more uncertain. “

” with that will in mind, the item would likely be more important to take the time along with effort to make the right choice. that will means go physically from the best retailers specialists, along with spending time with trained staff to get the best advice along with try the seats in your car on your own, rather than relying on the description catalog or online reviews . “

the latest edition of the automobile? Magazine, on sale currently, featuring six pages a piece of advice about how to go about choosing the right car seat, including explanations of all current along with future systems.

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Source: How Do You Go About Choosing The Right Car Seat?

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