How could you solve the autonomous car problem?

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Volvo autonomous car self-driving cars will be on our streets over the next decade, however how they will deal with life -threatening decision? Here’s a scenario to get you thinking


Here’s a scenario. I was sitting inside autonomous car on the way to work. I was inside driver’s seat, however your vehicle is actually to take care of everything – steering, braking, accelerating as well as changing lanes – leaving you free to relax. Suddenly, a child steps into the street. There is actually no time for you to regain control, so your vehicle has to make a decision – intially, they’d drift to one side to avoid the child, however in which means mounting the sidewalk where walking another infantry

Therefore, there is actually a dilemma. Do you choose your vehicle to drift around the child as well as the risk of injury to a larger number of people, or do they sacrifice a little to save a lot as well as hit a child? the idea may seem like an unlikely scenario, however the idea is actually exactly in which kind of problem we are going to need to overcome before they become completely independent automotive mainstream. Most experts also believed in which the idea could be around the year 2025, as well as the clock is actually genuinely ticking.

Let’s say you’ve managed to solve the problem. I had found the solution as well as programmed mainly sense of morality to an inanimate object. at in which point you need to make sure in which your vehicle will take in which work 100% of the time, in which means ensuring the program in all subjective as well as one car rule on in which planet. The consequences of not doing so dire – as well as we could end up with one group of companies in which car to avoid the child, as well as another group will not, in which’s before you consider the various countries as well as regions laws. I have no doubt in which the legislation passed very quickly to ensure in which everyone uses the same program -. Netting the company in which creates the idea billions of pounds

The problem with in which approach is actually twofold. First, automakers are notorious for not working together on in which scale – as well as asking everyone to use the same program is actually likely to be a troublesome affair. Second, we are about to enter a period where the cars will be used independent of the road along with the traditional products, as well as make decisions on behalf of the united almost impossible car.

work is actually already under way to decide how to deal with an independent moral issue. inside United States, launched Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) what the idea’s calling “moral machine” to see how members of the public to address the kind of cases in which may be faced by the self-driving cars. You can find a program here , as well as your decisions can help in influencing the actions of an independent cars inside future.

How could you solve the above scenario? Answers on a postcard – or preferably below, please

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Source: How could you solve the autonomous car problem?

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