How autonomous cars map London with photos

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Source : How autonomous cars map London with photos

HERE autonomous car map pictures by London, as taken by a self-driving car, show layers of maps necessary for the independent world


‘self-leadership. ” can be the most important phrase from the auto industry at the moment, along with the issue was discussed more hot at all.

recent industry discussions showed a problem with the idea of which the role of the insurance industry. however, as can be often along with technology for cars Autonomous can be the way forward by refining along with infrastructure policy, along with these images show us one area where vehicles are more than capable – mapping precisely what can be around them

Audi, BMW along with Daimler bought mapping company here by Nokia last year, which shows how important of which technology can be the vehicle of the future. currently here along with the appointment of London, along with create a set of 3D images show the level of detail of which have autonomous vehicles at their disposal.

most closely linked to the nearest auto Street View by Google, here are the ‘real’ vehicles are used to determine the extent (light along with spacious) detection technology to determine restrictions, trees along with furniture the way to 10CM accuracy. can be then transferred all of of which information into a dynamic representation of the road, called here HD live, which can be completed from the near real-time, according to the map here

of which cool images looking-combining three layers of maps .:

HD layer map contains details lane Engineering minutes, borders, along which has a car by the roads around of which, along with know which side street of which can be allowed to provide of which class of information to pass, including the hot type, signs along with information for maximum speed.

layer Live ways tells the automobile for the next congestion, along with layouts of temporary roads along with bad weather. Through remote sensing data processing in real time by vehicles already on the road, along with the integration of traffic information in real time, along with the weather, along with even the road conditions.

layer Anson leadership existing driver data analysis to ensure you know the proper vehicle speed travel in certain driving conditions, based on personal preferences. Just because the speed limit of 60mph, along with of which does not mean of which the automobile must take a corner on a country road at of which speed.

all of of which sounds like some very smart technology, however there can be no doubt of which the public perception can be still lagging – along with WhatCar recently? A survey found of which 69% of drivers found the idea of ​​the leadership of autonomy “unattractive.”

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Source: How autonomous cars map London with photos

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