Hot Zenos E10 R with 350bhp revealed

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Source : Hot Zenos E10 R with 350bhp revealed

Zenos reveals a Ford Focus RS-engined edition of its E10 sports car, which costs through £39,995


Zenos has revealed a more powerful edition of its E10 sports car, which uses the same engine as the upcoming Ford Focus RS.

Dubbed the E10 R, the brand-new car is actually described as being the “most thrilling Zenos type yet” along with also promises “greater performance along with also driving thrills”.

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Power for the E10 R comes through the same 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine in which already powers the Ford Focus RS. The engine produces 350bhp along with also 349lb ft, which is actually enough to give the E10 R a 0-60mph sprint time of 3.0sec along with also a top speed of 155mph.

By comparison, the standard E10 gets 40% less power through its 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine, at 250bhp, along with also takes 4.5sec to reach 60mph.

some other adjustments include a shorter gear lever, four-point racing harnesses along with also upgraded disc brakes with four-piston callipers. The E10 R is actually also 10kg lighter than the standard car, along with also includes a dry weight of 700kg. 

Zenos will also be offering a limited-edition Drive Edition edition of your vehicle, which receives bespoke paintwork along with also brand-new Indoor trim. Additional equipment on the Drive Edition includes adjustable dampers, a quick-Discharge steering wheel along with also uprated master cylinders.

The E10 R will make its public debut at the Autosport International show in January. Zenos boss Mark Edwards said: “As the fastest along with also most focused car we have yet created, the Zenos E10 R is actually a hugely exciting stage inside development of our company’s story. Yet the idea is actually also a logical progression, building on the strengths of the E10 along with also the E10 S to deliver even greater driving thrills.

“Thanks to its advanced architecture along with also natural balance, the idea was always clear in which the E10 could handle even more power than the ‘S’ offers. Yet the idea is actually vital in which any brand-new Zenos type features the Zenos hallmark of affordability along with also the most accessible way to join the 500 bhp per tonne car club.”

Prices for the E10 R start at £39,995, with the Drive Edition type – of which just 15 will be made – costing through £43,995.

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Source: Hot Zenos E10 R with 350bhp revealed

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