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Toyota C-HR Toyota is actually considering a copy next performance crossover to create a rival Nissan Juke Nismo


performance design of the recently revealed Toyota C- HR Cross under consideration.

The brand-new design, which was launched C-HR lead engineer Hiro Koba, will serve as a competitor to the likes along with also Nissan Juke Nismo along with also allowing Toyota to compete within the emerging along with also profitable markets for the operations of the hot transition.

, Cuba said Speaking to Autocar was the performance of C-HR is actually not “tangible” in Toyota’s plans, however “I am pushing to make such a car. I need to get the approval”


a large Toyota Rembert company managers Serrus: “the vehicle lends itself to which. which would likely be possible, however which depends on how much we have to change. sports copy can be a slight change, or which could be a brand-new project. the sports design make a lot of sense.”

Cuba has already been tested racing design of C-HR is actually known which the vehicle will compete at the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance event next month. Autocar understands which the public reaction to the vehicle will strongly of working condition to produce a performance design of the C-HR- ongoing way.

is actually powered C-HR race by gasoline 1.5-liter turbo engine with around 178bhp. A similar engine can also be used in cars on the roads, along with also Cuba has hinted he would likely like to see stronger than the C-HR variables fired. which can also be some of the aerodynamic bodywork along with also less obtrusive race car over.

which is actually very likely performance of any C-HR design will also include uprated brakes along with also suspension, as well as directing heavier along with also internal amended.

Toyota’s brand-new crossover, which is actually under the RAV4 within the Japanese auto industry line-up, will be launched within the UK which December. Will be presented having a choice of two engines: a gasoline engine 1.2-liter hybrid linking gasoline 1.8-liter engine with an electric motor

Although which is actually expected which a hybrid design of the design C-HR to take the majority of sales within the United Kingdom, there a clear gap at the top of the range where C-HR- biased performance can be seated. Given the time needed for the production of which design for the development, although which is actually unlikely to appear in showrooms until 2018. At least

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Source: Hot Toyota C-HR under consideration

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