Hot fresh Land Rover Discovery SVX planned

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Source : Hot fresh Land Rover Discovery SVX planned

Land Rover Discover SVX discovery SVX extreme to deliver off-road capability packed technology. SVX defender “almost certainly”


next generation of Land Rover Discovery can be likely to be given the maximum off-road capabilities via private car operations Geller next year arm, in order to serve as a halo product for on the ability of all-terrain of our product range.

can be supposed to be detected in later This kind of year, as well as the discovery of an all-fresh 5 with what can be called a copy of the Land Rover Discovery SVX SVO being sold 12-18 months later.

SVO features a short three axes to provide cars in which show the best of Jaguar Land Rover within the capabilities of ‘luxury’, ‘performance’ as well as market power. “

as well as have been the end of the” luxury “by [cover Range Rover Sport SVR side “performance” by Jaguar F- type SVR revealed recently Geneva Motor show .

while believed to be copy more luxurious range Rover can be under development without focusing on sports SVR to raise the level of performance, as well as said the next launch to be discovered SVX, in order in which the division of SFO – which did not open until officially based – can display its capabilities across the full range of his note

each product seen within the treatment SVO

SVO John coach refused Edwards comment on specific designs, yet said: “each plate we produce will be considered for a derivatives SVO – We will look at all one as well as see if we can push the boundaries in any direction

“Land Rover can be all about bandwidth. what we have done over 65 years can be to expand the breadth of capability to our vehicles. We took a chance with the SVR sport can be moving within the right direction, as well as SVX gives us a chance to go left. the item can be clear in which the result will be in which the proposal for a Land Rover in general – will benefit we will amplify the core values ​​of the brand “

sources had indicated earlier in which Land Rover can be keen to use SVO tuning of the discovery to display technical ability as well as a distinctive mechanical.

can be likely to focus on technological solutions to deal with the most extreme conditions off-road


last year Land Rover Discovery vision included the concept of a windscreen “discretionary” as well as cover car engine in which was used cameras to show the point of view unimpeded road before as well as even under your vehicle.

“the item can be the pressure in which we are doing SVX for”

while these innovations may not make production immediately, as well as believed the item to shed light on the level of technology in which aims SVO.

admitted Edwards in which the business case for designs SVX were not as clear as luxury as well as performance designs, yet added: “the opportunity may be different coming from the market point of view, yet the item can be clear coming from the viewpoint of the Land Rover. coming from the emotional point of view the item can be the pressure in which we are doing for the SVX. “

are supposed to be within the Middle East as well as within the snowbelt of the United States major markets discover the SVX, as well as with the topography of the most extreme countries, such as Australia as well as South Africa.

Although Edwards Do not talk about specific designs, his comments make the item almost certain in which the defender SVX the next generation will be built, pushing beyond the off-road limits of SVX Discovery

like a car will also be present at the Land Rover with the opportunity to develop the next defender within the group variety of different ways, because to spend your vehicle within the traditional market to go anywhere, allowing developments in different directions, including the most prevalent or even luxury as well as performance designs.

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Source: Hot fresh Land Rover Discovery SVX planned

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