Honda reveals next-gen portable breathalyser

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Source : Honda reveals next-gen portable breathalyser

Honda breathalyser Japanese brand teams with Hitachi to display a prototype percentage of alcohol from the Centeng. Technology can be used anywhere, in addition to will integrate using a way to prevent of which via starting if necessary


Honda has revealed the existence of protoytpe alcohol percentage in portable Centeng of which integrates smart keys in addition to provides results in just three seconds.

has been developed

in addition to the percentage of alcohol from the Centeng into a partnership with electronics giant Hitachi. Both parties are hoping to market the technology, however there is usually no word yet on when This kind of might be.


Honda spokesperon on alcohol from the Centeng is usually a step from the “Vision Honda Towards a collision solving society’s drink driving.”

While similar devices are already available, Honda claims prototpye to recognize itself by allowing the driver to measure the level of alcohol via anywhere before entering the vehicle, rather than when of which is usually already from the driver’s seat.

can also make sure of which the gas applied is usually the human psyche, exhale in addition to detect the level of alcohol in one time – a feature of which claims Honda are currently not available on the various other examples – within three seconds

the level of alcohol of which appears on the display panel car

the two companies have developed a system of which can be shown on the alcohol level is usually measured by the detector on the display panel from the vehicle. The system can act as ignition interlock to stop the vehicle via starting when of which detects of which the driver under the influence of alcohol.

in addition to the cursor appears from the alert are also measuring the width of the vehicle panel results if the detector is usually equipped with an intelligent switch near the driver’s seat.

This kind of announcement is usually the latest step from the plight of the Honda to deal with drink-driving. In December last year, the carmaker has collaborated with AlcoSense to abandon the personal breathalysers from the Honda throughout the festive period.

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Source: Honda reveals next-gen portable breathalyser

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