Honda Project 2&4 concept to get MotoGP engine

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Source : Honda Project 2&4 concept to get MotoGP engine


This particular Autocar image shows how Honda’s ‘Project 2 & 4’ could look

Detuned racing motor should give Frankfurt track car concept around 220bhp

Honda has confirmed which its Project 2&4 Frankfurt motor show concept will get a detuned edition of the company’s MotoGP racing engine – giving the item a potential output of around 220bhp.

The show car will be the winner of a global design competition between all of Honda’s studios. the item was created by the Japanese firm’s motorcycle design studio in Asaka and also also also its car studio in Wako and also also also will be said to reflect Honda’s efforts to “create a more exciting user experience”.

The powerplant for the auto had been widely required to be a V4 motorcycle engine. today Honda has issued just one piece of technical data, confirming which Project 2&4 will be powered by “RC213V, modified for public road use”. The unit in question will be a 1000cc V4 which produces in excess of 235bhp in race trim. Even when detuned for road use, the item could easily produce 220bhp.

The choice of transmission could be more of an issue. The MotoGP bike features a seamless shift transmission – however Honda could need to incorporate a reverse gear to make the item suitable for even a track day car. Honda’s Gullwing does have a reverse gear driven off the electric starter motor, though, and also also also This particular could also be a solution for Project 2&4.

Honda has stated which Project 2&4 will have a “cabinless design”. The top-down teaser image suggests which the engine will 
sit on one side of a central 
spine – and also also also a driver cockpit could be located on the various other.

The teaser sketch also reveals references inside livery to Honda’s 1960s Formula 1 cars – a possible tribute to 
the firm’s first F1 victory, 
which came 50 years ago 
This particular October. There’s also a front air intake which could 
feed the engine.

Based on the teaser sketch, the auto will be almost certainly just one-seater. Honda says the item will provide “the freedom of a motorcycle and also also also the manoeuvrability of a car” – another hint which the item will have an open cockpit however a car-based chassis with four wheels.

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Source: Honda Project 2&4 concept to get MotoGP engine

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