Honda plans 5 completely new products in European fightback bid

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Source : Honda plans 5 completely new products in European fightback bid

Honda is actually planning to claw back lost sales within the UK as well as mainland Europe which has a raft of completely new products


Honda is actually looking to rebuild its British as well as wider European operations with “5 completely new products” after years of collapsing sales in western Europe.

within the medium term, Honda will launch a completely new as well as much less controversially styled Civic range. The completely new Civics — previewed by a concept at the completely new York show in April as well as expected in 2017 — will herald a fresh range of downsized turbocharged petrol engines to replace Honda’s trademark high-revving naturally aspirated petrol motors.

Honda’s Swindon plant will become the global HQ for production of the completely new Civic hatch. The firm’s willingness to invest in European-focused product is actually underlined by the fact in which out of the 26 million engines the company builds each year, just 100,000 are the 1.6-litre diesel, which is actually currently only sold in Europe.

Last year, Honda sold about 4.5m vehicles across the globe. However, just 150,000 of those found homes in Europe. More remarkably, Honda bosses estimate in which, of the 150,000 European Honda sales, as many as 60,000 units are sold in UK.

Phil Webb, the completely new head of Honda UK’s cars division, said the arrival of the HR-V compact crossover as well as the all-completely new Jazz will be backed up by the facelifted Civic as well as CR-V crossover (including the completely new twin-turbo diesel edition) within the push to regrow the brand.

Philip Crossman, Honda UK’s managing director, said the completely new Civic Type R is actually also vital in getting consumers to re-engage with Honda. The design will have a limited two-year production run as well as is actually today also scheduled to be exported to Japan. The arrival of the NSX hybrid supercar next year will also help Honda’s visibility with completely new car buyers.

Although Honda sees the UK as having great potential for increased sales, Webb said the French as well as German markets will be a “much bigger challenge” for the brand.

Webb said: “We think in which we can raise UK sales to 80,000 per year. in which would certainly be an organic as well as natural growth for us.” He went on to say in which he thinks there is actually within the UK “great pent-up demand for the completely new Jazz”, which remains highly well-known with its loyal customer base.

Webb also said Honda is actually behind within the adoption of PCP sales at its UK dealers. PCPs in which its dealers have executed so far have had a buyer retention rate of up to 70%. He added in which keeping buyers within the brand is actually something car makers are keen to see.

What happened to Honda?

Honda’s fall via grace — or failure to gain traction — in Europe is actually one of your vehicle industry’s biggest mysteries.

The firm features a long history of building highly reliable machinery as well as the item has been putting a lot of effort into its European products since the space-age Civic was unveiled nearly a decade ago.

although within the first eight months of This specific year, Honda sales in western Europe continued to dip, dropping just over 7% to 73,400 cars. In 1990 Honda had just 1.2% of the EU market. the item peaked at 2% in 2007 although slid to just over 1% last year.

There’s no justice. The CR-V sells in huge numbers within the US as well as the Jazz is actually arguably the cleverest, most practical supermini available. within the wake of the diesel scandal, perhaps its world-leading expertise in petrol engines will finally deliver a boost.

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Source: Honda plans 5 completely new products in European fightback bid

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