Honda NSX Type R under consideration

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Source : Honda NSX Type R under consideration

hardcore Honda NSX Type R variant can be under consideration, with the possibility of achieving significant weight savings in record NSX


Honda was considering a lighter, which focuses on the track type R a copy of its brand new NSX sports car , which can even become the rear wheels if Honda were to give up parts of the generation mixed rituals in addition to power.

At This particular moment, the NSX includes a 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 500bhp engine within the middle, having a 47bhp electric motor attached to the forearm in addition to rear wheels driving. in addition to a pair of electric motors at the front. A Type R could see the loss of the front electric motors in addition to batteries, within the first wave of of which weight, the total loss of the system, would likely leave the NSX Type R weigh hundreds of kilograms less than 1725kg car donors.

Nick Robinson, head of the dynamic development of the draft NSX, confirmed the launch of the standard NSX, although not officially signed the draft R kind of yet, there can be a huge will within Honda to do the idea – in addition to within the desire of which the brand new NSX can be just the beginning to revive the sports heritage of the company. The NSX Type R be the next logical step: (a), the most hardline step lighter

everything within the hybrid drive system NSK weighs 150KG, in addition to although not all of the idea will be indispensable to create the type of R – engine Auto rear, which would likely serve as an alternator, starter motor in addition to flywheel will continue to be – would likely lose a big difference for kerbweight 1725kg NSX in

use additional intelligent, light-weight, materials, in addition to can reduce. kerbweight Type R after the additional. “There are places can reduce the weight out,” says Robinson. “We Honda does the idea cost [of foreign substances on a regular car] can be a consideration, nevertheless for a limited edition? Why not?”

was in addition to the values ​​of regular NSX against Porsche 911 Turbo , Ferrari 458 Italy in addition to Audi R8 V10 . “We also measured Porsche 911 991 GT3 ,” says Robinson, “nevertheless only to direct feel, of which’s all. in addition to GT3 can be the same track focused car. He said, nevertheless the type of R, of course, can be a direct competitor” in addition to.

if the front disc were mechanisms of which fell, Honda has some experience within the form of the NSX driven back only. “There can be a maintenance mode,” says Robinson, who likened enabling the idea to enable cheat on games console PlayStation control – press up to the top or bottom to bottom, two of the right two people, in addition to others – of which make up the ABS in addition to all auxiliary engines electrical in addition to switched off. Robinson says dealing in addition to guidance in addition to a little strange, because the latter, in particular, can be calibrated to work side by side with the front wheels driven. nevertheless he admits, “the idea’s drifting machine”

rear engine in addition to even the NSX be racing within the Pikes Peak hillclimb This particular year; one of the two brand new NSXs who will be involved with the official support Honda.

Robinson will lead the near production NSX, with just a roll cage in addition to fire to make the idea compatible with the regulations. nevertheless Robinson’s brother James – powertrain engineer in principle with Honda itself – will also be racing another, albeit completely different, NSX brand new

will be deprived car James Robinson significantly modified by the hybrid powertrain system, so the idea will only . Rear-driven, although the idea will retain a 3.5-liter, twin-turbo V6 engine, in addition to they will be generating more, rather than the energy of the level – will be presented electric compressors to fill the gap torque within the lower part of the rev range. Thus super in addition to diesel, in addition to will, says brother Nick, make much more power of 500bhp by the standard engine.


Robinson (Nick) also Honda has worked on the active project NSX dynamic, in addition to although the standard car do without them, they can fit in with the spirit of the project Type R.

Finally, Robinson also confirmed of which a copy be roofed convertible for the NSX can be likely to follow the Coupe to the market. The Centeng can be very rigid, in addition to you will lose the roof panel make a huge difference precious: the installation of an optional carbon fiber roof for the standard NSX provides 5KG nevertheless no difference noticeable torsional rigidity. “I’m not sure of transforming myself yet, nevertheless [technically] the idea’s possible,” Robinson said.

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Source: Honda NSX Type R under consideration

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