Honda launches US-based GT3 Racer

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Source : Honda launches US-based GT3 Racer

Acura NSX GT3 GT3 race type uses a tuned type of the 3.5-liter twin turbo engine through the standard car; RWD along with detailed aerodynamic package


Honda, by brand Acura based from the United States, has revealed the existence of a copy of the GT3 race for NSX super of which This specific intends to race in North America next year.

can be powered by the auto tuned type of the 75 degree 3.5-liter twin turbo engine through the standard car – complete with Indoor mostly standard – although there was no mention of the nine double-speed clutch or three electric motors, which complete the hybrid car standard.

Instead, the auto will use a six-speed sequential shift racing gearbox along with take advantage of the weight saving brought by removing the electric motor along which has a battery of which feeds them.

along with “intensive aluminum” structure can be close to the level, although will be the only payment the rear-wheel-drive car. the auto carries a detailed aerodynamic package, consisting of a special front splitter, a large rear spoiler, along with publisher under the Centeng along with expand the entry along with exit openings to improve engine cooling.

[19459004was] the initial development in Japan, with some experiences in Europe, although will be based on cars along with running through Ohio Acura factory (home of the current road NSXs), along with further tests begin soon in America North circuits.Honda- Acura was the rich heritage of the success of the race in North America, along with won the driver along with any championships IMSA in 1991, 1992 along with 1993, in addition to the 2009 plant, the team along with driver championships in both LMP1 along with LMP2 for the American Le Mans competitions.There any a sign of which the auto will compete here, even though they look normal at Le Mans, especially since already conducted some experiments to come out on European turf race.

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Source: Honda launches US-based GT3 Racer

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