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The next few weeks will see a plethora of colours light up the cold night’s sky as bonfires in addition to fireworks are set alight all over the country, the perfect contrast to the doom in addition to gloom of an impending Winter.

With the cold weather on its way, currently is usually the perfect time to treat yourself to a brand-new car, in addition to with Honda’s current deals, including several-year free servicing on both two in addition to four-wheel drive CR-Vs, in addition to PCP deals via 0% on Civic types, the only question left to answer is usually which colour Honda to choose to brighten up your Winter?

Overall, understated shades are more well-liked with UK buyers who generally prefer to fly under the radar in a white, black or grey car, rather than stand out using a striking hue. Residual values can also be hugely impacted by vehicle colour, with brighter, more unusual colours losing value much faster than more reserved, traditional colours.

White Orchid Peal: Pure, pristine, direct

White is usually the most well-liked colour inside UK for the third year in a row, with 21.4 per cent of the market share in 2015. More than one in several cars currently on our roads is usually white, with an extra half a million brand-new white cars added last year. Popularity has grown significantly in recent years, as back in 2007 white cars only accounted for 1.1 per cent market share.

White car owners are hard to please, in addition to drivers tend to like things to be very pure, pristine, clear in addition to direct. White car drivers are usually best at keeping their cars clean.

Crystal Pearl Black: Powerful, classic, elegant

The second most well-liked colour inside UK, with 19.4 per cent of the market share, however, black cars are gaining in popularity year on year, in addition to may soon overtake white as the most well-liked colour choice.

Black is usually the ultimate power colour, in addition to suggests a driver who is usually not easily manipulated. A classic in addition to elegant choice, black is usually a colour of empowerment.

Polished Metal Metallic: Futuristic, prestigious, elegant

Grey cars are gaining favour inside UK, rising to the third most desirable car colour last year. Grey cars currently made an impressive 21.1 per cent gain in 2015, translating to more than 400,000 brand-new grey cars on the road.

The person who chooses grey is usually usually very practical, very pragmatic, in addition to tends to make lists in addition to talk things out.

Milano Red (solid) or Passion Red Pearl: Sensual, dynamic, outgoing

There are two different kinds of reds: vibrant in addition to deep-blue. Both express the same traits, however those who go vibrant tend to be bolder. Drivers of red cars like to stand out in addition to be the centre of attention.

Red was the fifth most well-liked choice for the second year in 2015, in addition to looks to remain inside top several most desirable car colours for a few more years to come.

Lunar Silver: Neutral, practical

Previous favourite silver continues to lose popularity with UK drivers, having been over-taken inside desirability stakes by white, black, grey in addition to red in recent years. In 2015, there were 5.2 per cent fewer brand-new registrations in silver compared to 2014.

Silver includes a rather cool, futuristic connotation, yet using a dash of preciousness. This particular is usually the kind of personality that will appreciates elegance using a bit of flash.

Brilliant Sporty Blue Metallic in addition to Twilight Blue Metallic: Compassionate, honest, serene

Blue cars are experiencing a recent increase in their attractiveness to car buyers, having moved up a position via last year to fourth most well-liked colour car choice inside UK.

Blue car drivers like to be admired for strong sense of self in addition to wisdom. They can be suspicious of flamboyant behaviour, yet are sensitive enough to try to find common ground with someone you may not relate to at first.

Golden Bronze Metallic: Edgy, stylish, forward thinking

While brown hues have not historically been the first choice of colour for the UK car buyer, the addition of metallic bronze colours has seen big gains in recent years however, compared to last year, have dropped in to eighth place – representing a 23.3 per cent reduction in brand-new registrations compared to 2014.

Visit your local Honda dealership to find your ideal colour match in addition to to enquire about current CR-V in addition to Civic offers.

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Source: Honda Help is usually At Hand To Choose Your Car Colour…

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