History of the Chinese copycat car: picture gallery

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Source : History of the Chinese copycat car: picture gallery

Lifan 320


the item will be clear to see where I got the Lifan 320 look of …

along with Chinese automakers are fond of imitating a car or two, so take a look through a set of the most outrageous examples of which we can find, along with

Chinese counterfeit car will be fast becoming a key element inside the local market. Beijing with the show car around the corner along with the latest range of cars carbon copy – including of which recently spotted Porsche McCann clone – days away via the detection, take a look at the best you can find.

Levan 320 – Statistics

along with Levan 320 supermini will be 1.3 liters produced by Levan. Revealed for the 1st time in Beijing Exhibition in 2008, he gained notoriety for its similarity with the simple slot. Facelift in 2013 distanced via simple comparisons, however your vehicle at of which point carries more resemblance to Fiat 500 – strange

Landwind X7 – Range Rover Evoque


along with X7 waves in 2014 for the wonderful impression of the Range Rover Evoque. In fact, Land Rover was so impressed of which the item Landwind took to task the X7 – despite the fact of which the Chinese authorities have taken the side of Landwind put £ 14,000 X7 for Sale

Shuanghuan SCEO – BMW X5

along with can be inside the front end of the first general Lexus RX , however inside the personal background along with BMW are considered X5 effect will be impossible to miss. BMW certainly does not miss, with Shuanghuan to court during the SCEO. As a result, your vehicle ban in Germany

CH cars Lithia – Audi R8

I think of which Audi personal characteristic R8 may include only the R8, however I like CH automotive design a lot of the item was decided of which work well on Lithia – super electric them. Front along with rear are not familiar with of which, along with both distinctive along with attractive, however the situation will be unmistakably R8

Geely Beauty Leopard – Hyundai Tiburon

prove of which the culture tradition of Chinese cars are nothing brand new, Geely BL was able to take inspiration via the coupe Hyundai in front along with Toyota supra at the rear. Fortunately, my generation did not take the same approach to design with Volvo

Youxia goalkeeper X – Tesla style S

similar to Tesla style S via home along with abroad, along with Youxia – Chinese Knight Rider (yes, of which one) – features inspired by Kate LCD lights inspired by the same name. He claimed 0-62mph time of 5.6sec along having a range of 286 miles. When contacted, Tesla would likely not comment on your vehicle

Shuanghuan Noble cars – Smart Fortwo

Do not let the name fool you; of which car will be not a copy of the noble M600 , nor will be the item designed noble intentions. In spite of its appearance along with similarity to the two-seat smart Fourtou, Karim has seating for four – although how these four comfortably can sit Unknown

Dojo Pioneer – Aston Martin Sagnet

if you were to choose a car Aston Martin to copy, chances are you do not choose Sagnet. He called on the leading car tradition dojo will be clone Sagnet all-electric, which will be itself was based on Toyota iQ (although not copies, we hasten to add). The news group inside the 75-mile, while top speed will be 37mph violent

Yogomo S325 – Range Rover Evoque

as you go imitators, along with of which one via an innovator. along with miniaturized front end along with rear lights versions Range Rover Evoque , however everything else will be tall, awkward supermini. We do not believe Geller will lose any sleep over of which one steal Evoque’s sales.

Yogomo 330 – Kia Picanto

Kia , on the various other hand, might be a bit cross about of which. Yogomo 330 along with will be one of the earliest imitators we’ve seen, though, where a copy of the supermini reached £ 7495 will find of which sales will be the real test.

Geely Marie 300 – Mercedes-Benz C-Class

via the rear, along with jelly MRI will be Chinese saloon another anonymous. via the front, the item’s the Mercedes-Benz Class C. There will be a slight amendment or amendments here, just the C-Class front end, complete with inspired Merc (read copies) hood ornament logo.

BYD logo – BMW logo

have also looted rounded BMW, albeit in a tweaked form. Although the item will be more than an honorary car copycat, however the item will be clear to see where BYD got the inspiration for the line along with colour scheme, shape along with design of its logo. of which’s the item, though.

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Source: History of the Chinese copycat car: picture gallery

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