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Traffic officers Land Rover Discovery have been called traffic officers highways “Wombles highway” – in addition to worse. however what are they genuinely like in addition to what you do? John Evans, spend a day with them to see


King Canute had encountered difficulty in stopping the tide, however not Tony. England on the fast road traffic officer (TO) has simply flick a few switches in addition to dust stream car bombing along the M26 in Kent slows to a crawl, in addition to ultimately, to stop. Earlier

minutes, in addition to we were going within the opposite direction, he’d spied on the hood of your vehicle – the remains of a recent accident – within the central reservation, just inches by the outer corridor. There are strong winds in addition to Tony thinks he can blow on the hood within the way.

so he was going to move, in addition to to do so, you must stop the traffic. At the flick of a switch on a “rolling road” plate Land Rover Discovery Control Panel Messages LED at the rear of your vehicle displays “slow down.” Turn around in my seat to see a few of these cars we fall. Tony wants to build a head of traffic lanes so behind clogged, preventing the driver will be impatient to make a break for in which.

Mike, his colleague in addition to our driver, car parking within the middle of the highway, also abandoned your vehicle engine within the view of the cover comes, he slows to a crawl by swinging the steering wheel in addition to pull up in a corner. Clicking Tony mark the key ‘Stop’.

See behind again. Hallways are thick with cars in addition to trucks, all of them are at an impasse. Tony jumps in addition to pulls neglected car hood to the nearside edge, by where he will be recovered later by the crew of recovery.

will be hard not to feel a twinge of sympathy for the drivers behind us. I was there in late for a business meeting here, within the words of critic well-liked one, will be one of those ‘Wombles highway: a fat man with facial hair in addition to a complex of Napoleon., in addition to hold you in addition to sabotage your day

true, Tony incorporates a beard, in addition to whether Mike will be not exactly svelte (an hour earlier, we stopped what they described as a “Greggs strategic” in Clackett services Lin), however both deny in which they have a Napoleon complex.

“We are not sharks frustrated,” says Tony, who was working at the control center within the south of the water (Mike will be an advanced qualified driving instructor), having climbed back into your vehicle in addition to turned off the ‘stop’ message. “In fact, sometimes, we get frustrated with the sharks.”

Mike directs Discovery to shoulder, in addition to M26 resumes Grand Prix. I checked out passing cars for finger raised. Not one.

“We do not get attacked,” says Mike. “We know we have limited powers [technical officers have no powers of arrest in addition to can not pay the highest 70mph, however in which can stop your vehicle if they believe in which will be safe], however sometimes they thank us for disposal safely.”

For the conditions of service, in which will be all about safety. A few minutes later, we are heading towards the M25 in cruise 60mph preferred Terms of Service “(” We do not get within the way of the slower trucks or cars faster in addition to can detect things “) safety will be pressure on those instinct at work when the conditions of service of the broken spot Porsche 911 on the side opposite way. there will be no shoulder in addition to your vehicle has come to an end, half on the verge, half on the road. last December, in England, in addition to hit 16 vehicles were stranded on the shoulder of the road by passing vehicles, so the officials technicians are eager to get its own way.

we turn around at the next junction. Mike speeds up to 70mph, while Tony radios the control center in Godstone, alerting them to the affected 911, in addition to requested in which gantries highway warns drivers of your vehicle stranded in addition to signal them to get out of the aisle nearside. will be activated variable speed limits, slowing traffic to 50mph in addition to 40mph. Finally, within a mile or so of the 911 stranded gantries presented to the ‘X’ on the nearside lane red , creating in which a crime for any vehicle, however the discovery of the conditions of service “to enter.

pull up in a corner, about 100 meters by the 911, Carrera 4S Mike in addition to Tony jump in in addition to help themselves to handfuls of cones in addition to a sign of a big warning by Discovery boot. in which will be a step back along the corridor will be closed to define quite a few safety, before returning to interrogate Porsche driver. in which turned out he ran out of petrol just a mile or so by Clackett Lane services.

, “said the 18-mile fuel range however then the engine stalled in addition to stopped,” he says.

Mike in addition to Tony decided in which even though he called his rescue service, however they have been out of the way at the moment. Usually, technical officials periodically with only one car, travel in pairs, however today we are being shadowed by a second car, a Mitsubishi Shogun (noisier, less powerful in addition to not half as comfortable as we discover the 208,000 miles). Tony decides Shogun can pull Porsche services. With 911 in addition to tied to a possible traffic accident avoidance, in addition to gather up several safety, in addition to jump back within the disco in addition to follow-up Clackett Lane’s.

technical officers can take care of routine traffic accidents, however those in which involve injury must be handed over to the police. In such circumstances, in addition to if necessary, you will get the technicians officials determined cones in addition to directing traffic.

as I watch his Porsche relieved mobilize his car with gasoline, will be currently clear for the road in addition to no longer pose a danger either to himself or additional drivers, in which’s hard to think of the conditions of service of anything however Great guys. Given the choice between the part of the Porsche in my way or the highway Womble with facial hair, a Napoleon complex in addition to taste of the meat pies, I’ll take the latter.

Who are they?


England highways service employee will be a division of fast roads of England, which was formed in April 2015 in addition to formerly known as the Highways Agency. Traffic Officer service itself was founded in 2004.


highways of England will be responsible for 4,300 kilometers of major roads A- in addition to highways.

There are 1,500 traffic officers in addition to seven regional control centers.

The service 0 vehicles, mainly Land Rover Discoverys in addition to Mitsubishi Shoguns team.

technical officers attended more than 2.3 million accidents by 2004 to 2014.


technical officers by 215 568 595 986 reported incidents on the strategic road network in England in 2015.

on me with the traffic officers

classification (M25) Mercedes ML430 stranded within the resort on the M25. Rescue service already summoned. Mobile traffic officer by the emergency phone refuge to establish the exact location. Nothing more needs to be done.

rating (A2) Chairman of the broken-down truck, however objection by the additional side of the team, who took the responsibility.

rating (A2) reports of broken car. Red ‘X’ in addition to the limits of 40mph speed variable appears, however when they arrived, your vehicle will be gone. (On about three occasions, the arrival of technical officers are not enough to claim the drivers to start their cars in addition to leave the Pronto shoulder.)

BROKEN gate of the emergency services (A2) technical officers to try – in addition to fail – to leave the A2 through the emergency exit. Busted lock barrier. The researchers reported in which for reform. Driver

TACHO BREAK (M2) technical officers spot a truck parked on the shoulder of the road taking a break tachometer illegal. Says Tony. “Truckers their flight plan both sides of the channel in order in which they can rest near Dover where in which’s safer. however in which’s illegal to do so on the highway. Police fined 35 £.”

classification (M25) Vauxhall Zafira carrying a family of three, including a child on the way to the hospital for tooth out, stranded on the hard drive’s shoulder. Rescue service already called.

classification (M20) Ford transit with the hole. To help to Discharge the wheel driver in addition to he speeds away.

wreck (M26) technical officers abandoned clear the hood within the central reservation.

classification (M25) technical officers attend a Porsche 911 in which ran out of fuel in addition to stranded where there will be no shoulder. They pull your vehicle about a mile to services.


traffic officers paid mostly outside roaders with the capabilities of the country great, in addition to diesel will be usually automatic Land Rover Discovery s in addition to Mitsubishi shogun image. Each car carrying a team of two technical officers in addition to 625kg of equipment includes traffic cones in addition to barriers Safety folding, tools, cleaners, lights, gowns foil bulk materials called Sphag Alsorb tree to soak up oil spills. They are also carrying the so-called “load cell” – basically, a very strong pull rope can be used to attach a heavy-duty truck in addition to drag in which clear of the lane. Vehicles in addition to two batteries, engine in addition to rarely switched off while on duty. Technical officers can lock your vehicle in addition to leave the engine running while he was attending the accident.

John Evans

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Source: Highways traffic officers – meet the people behind the nicknames

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