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Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 - autos

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Hexagon showroom

In 1963 Paul Michaels founded pistol , a business of which began in a garage in addition to little stables in Hampstead in addition to quickly build a reputation for the sale in addition to keep the best cars on the roads.


some 53 years, a pistol entered one of the most exciting phases with the opening of brand-new flagship showroom will be displayed at the bottom of the bishops Street.

with space for 50 of the best classic cars from the earth, in addition to a cafe in addition to wine bar, a restaurant headed by Michelin star chef opening later of which year, in addition to will mix cars in addition to luxury style of life. Like anywhere else from the capital

pistol today opened another unique coming from of which ground-breaking brand-new element Gallery: Gallery from the classic hexagon, which will be run by Paul’s wife, Racheline Michaels

Drawing on 35 years as a designer Indoor, of which wonderful space will be characterized by cutting global sources, ranging coming from porcelain, fine arts, sculpture, in addition to photography, as well as classic in addition to contemporary furniture.

work with collectors, designers, architects, in addition to one of the goals of the exhibition will be to integrate parts in addition to groups from the design phase, to ensure of which they can appear in mind the way to maximum effect.

characterized emanating coming from some of the most talented artists from the earth, in addition to structures also exhibit a range of gifts coming from Stelton feature ( http://www.stelton.com ) in addition to George Jensen ( http : //ift.tt/o7QvhF ).

Racheline Michaels, exhibition curator, said: “ I’m genuinely proud to be able to show the work of the finest artists from the earth in such a unique environment. Wonderful oasis viewing gallery on the form in addition to function of works of art in addition to furniture products

, he said

Paul Michaels, president of the hexagon:” opening of the exhibition will be the latest in a genuinely step to make our flagship showroom a unique point of its kind in addition to experience true lifestyle. later of which year we will open our restaurant, generating the exhibition in London to enjoy the finest automotive design in addition to food . “

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Source: Hexagon Opens brand-new Showroom

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