Have Your Shopping Habits Changed Since Fuel Prices Dropped?

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Source : Have Your Shopping Habits Changed Since Fuel Prices Dropped?


as drivers of the United Kingdom enjoy a reduction in fuel prices at the pumps, there was a subtle change in shopping habits of cars from the country. While the monthly expenditure on fuel will be in decline, in addition to data by Motors.co.uk shows the increase in vehicle inspection by the monthly payment – having a 78% rise in searches by a monthly payment of £ 300 0- £. in addition to, with manufacturers offering deals countless fresh cars in This particular cost range, in addition to reduce monthly expenditure on fuel, in addition to cash in addition to editing for consumers to upgrade their choice of the vehicle.

by November 2015 to February 2016, total searches were increased by a monthly payment by 97% compared to a general increase in visits to Motors.co.uk of 61%. This particular will be according to data by Motors.co.uk in addition to smart search function, which enables shoppers to search for vehicles based on the pattern of life of which interest them standards.

Peter Watts, director of insight trader in Motors.co.uk , explains: “ fuel prices over the past few months, we have seen up to its lowest level since 2009, with shops supermarkets cut prices to below £ 1 per liter. to put This particular in context, at the top of its cost point, we were paying more than £ liters 1.42 in April 2012 – This particular will be to save a little more than 25 £ tank 60 liters every time they fill up . therefore, consumers are producing a considerable saving each time they visit the pump in addition to, in some cases, This particular will be the liberation of money to spend elsewhere, such as on vehicles renovation .

This particular will be not bad news for agents news , while able to work closely with the customer sales teams in order to provide funding solution best suited to their circumstances. In some cases, This particular may mean being able to reallocate the saved fuel costs for trade until the cost bracket. Adding more fuel-efficient types in addition to reduce the cost of fuel can be more urgent .

However, we must be aware of which the economic situation with fuel respect will be not a stable one in addition to a decline in fuel prices began to slow. Although the Chancellor announce a continued freeze in fuel duty from the last budget, with higher stable oil prices a little bit, we can see an increase in sooner fuel costs rather than later. traders need to be quick to adapt in addition to provide consumers with advice on financing options in addition to a form available to them in addition to how This particular will affect the monthly in addition to overall costs, regardless of the direction in which the economy has turned . “

for more information, please visit www.motors.co.uk .

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Source: Have Your Shopping Habits Changed Since Fuel Prices Dropped?

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