Have You Seen More Roadside Debris?

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shredded tire along the side of an expressway nest to yellow wildflowers

A shredded tyre along the side of an expressway nest to yellow wildflowers.

Claims Management & Adjusting (CMA) has called on Highways England to urgently review the arrangements for clearing debris by UK motorways following a worrying rise in “swerve to avoid” in addition to also “tyre blowout” related claims.

Have you noticed more burst tyres, bits of vehicle trim or dead animals on our motorways recently? Part of the explanation is actually the zero carriageway crossings policy adopted by Highways England in 2011, designed to protect the lives of contractor employees. yet CMA says Highways England contractors’ reluctance to incur traffic management costs is actually exacerbating the danger for road users.

Managing Director of CMA, Philip Swift, said: “We are extremely concerned at the increasing number of cases involving drivers swerving to avoid debris in addition to also fear This particular is actually only a matter of time before someone gets killed. Highways England contractors are paid a lump sum to provide barrier repairs, gully clearance in addition to also litter removal, yet the costs associated with closing a carriageway are a disincentive to removing larger items like burst tyres.

Even if a Highways Agency Traffic Officer (HATO) or contractor does attend, there can be a tendency to kick the problem to the side of the road, in addition to also which puts lives at risk by secondary factors. For example, shards by disintegrating debris can cause punctures, which result in collisions. Debris can also impede drainage, leading to standing water, aquaplaning in addition to also crashes.

Safety is actually the paramount issue here, yet there is actually a financial aspect to This particular as well. We find ourselves from the crazy situation where Highways England contractors are presenting claims for barrier repairs potentially caused by debris they are responsible for clearing. This particular irony is actually often compounded by a debris clearance charge being lumped in with the repair cost in addition to also an invoice being presented to either the driver or their insurer. which is actually frankly astounding given the clearance task has already been paid for by Highways England, yet we see This particular happening ever more frequently.”

If you think you might have been a victim of This particular behaviour please contact CMA on 0845 3888 810 or email claims@cmaclaims.co.uk.

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Source: Have You Seen More Roadside Debris?

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