Has Goodyear reinvented the wheel?

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Source : Has Goodyear reinvented the wheel?

with wheels that will spin through any angle, the concept of Goodyear tires 360 in magnetic levitation to Oaaidha


of all the cliches in reference Writer cars, the term “reinvent the wheel” may be one of the worst. nevertheless This specific time, This specific’s true: the concept of Goodyear 360, wheels in addition to tires combination of spherical, in addition to literally reinvents the wheel. More extreme is usually the fact that will there is usually no mechanical connection between the wheels in addition to the auto at all. Instead, This specific is usually the Centeng’s dependence on wheels by magnetic levitation.

is usually This specific an inspirational idea, a moment of genius or maybe just plain crazy? Far-fetched though This specific may seem, there is usually certainly a serious element to This specific. Like many emerging technologies, in addition to the motivation in addition to This specific is usually one of the rapid approach of self-vehicles.

“We envision that will by 2030 most of the cars will be independent,” says director of Goodyear Dunlop Tech worn tire, Percy Lemaire. “Pick up information will be done in a different way. We believe that will the tires are just connect the road to the auto, nevertheless to inform the vehicle too.”

Why here? “Because the tires can roll in any direction, providing the ability to maneuver is usually incredible in addition to allow the vehicle to move in any direction,” explains Lemaire. This specific applies not only to the leadership of the highway, nevertheless the auto parking too, so independent means can move laterally at 90deg to the middle if necessary.

every 360 comprises a spherical nucleus, forming a steering wheel, in addition to the outer casing – the tire. Core powertrain, which consists of an electric motor, battery in addition to sensors contain. in addition to This specific suspended the internal components, including the engine in addition to the battery, from the structure inside the steering wheel, with the electric motor driving the area through quite a few tiny wheels. Basic settled by rotation enabling This specific to hold station as spin field, while the re-charging the battery using the wireless induction charging across platforms under the auto.

from the field can rotate through any angle, in order to even wear or perhaps use a different area of ​​the tread to suit different circumstances. The outer shell can be removed in addition to changed when worn, or switch to a different type of tread – much like the shift via traditional summer for winter tires. Taking data via the sensors at each wheel, computer algorithms are employed as road conditions, such as, whether wet or dry ice, in addition to adapt to the speed of the auto in addition to acquisitions accounted for accordingly. the auto can then transfer the details of the circumstances of the different vehicles on the road through networks car to car.

tread required to be multi-directional, so the design team chose the method they call “biomimickry, or, in different words, looking for examples in nature that will might help them. In This specific case, they found that will the brain coral had This specific kind of structure they they are looking for. “benefits of surface streams of water coming via any direction,” explains Lemaire. “emulator, which has enabled us to design the tread can be effective in all directions.”

provided a cue another taken via the natural world through the sponge. is usually formed the base of each groove tread made of foam sponge-like that will softens when wet to allow more water through the groove, in addition to enhance the aquaplaning resistance. the water is usually absorbed foam also on the lists contact patch across the surface, in addition to then flings away by centrifugal force. in dry conditions, companies like substance sponge even better grip. there is usually another layer of foam under the surface of the tread allow for the tightening of at its base, creating a contact patch largest with the road. another advantage of the form of the field is usually that will lower rolling out resistance helps to reduce fuel consumption.

as a result, regular tire rolls along the way, in addition to the bottom flattens as This specific carries with the weight of the auto, so the tires continuously – distortion in addition to gobble up energy as is usually the case today. nevertheless as the tire springs back to shape when he leaves the road surface, in addition to some of that will energy is usually stored temporarily in a loss of tire from the form of heat. This specific process is usually called slowdown, a big part of the rolling resistance. Played down the impact with the ball, so less rolling resistance accordingly.


magnetic levitation already by some trains in addition to, according to Lemaire, consume relatively little energy. “Although we did not get into the details of the implementation of the concept at This specific stage,” says Loomer, “Preliminary calculations show we have in addition to we could need only about 50W of electrical energy in a hurry to support the auto. Most cars on the road today producing between 80bhp in addition to 0 bhp which could to be easily achievable with our system. “

so is usually the idea of ​​pure genius Goodyear or just plain crazy? Only time will tell, nevertheless if the auto engineer had said in 1900 that will could run cars in one day on the air tires which give a smooth ride while being able to travel at more than 200mph in addition to a permanent 20,000-mile, he probably This specific will not be believed either.

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Source: Has Goodyear reinvented the wheel?

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