Has Brexit Made You Switch Holiday?

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A recent study by Kwik favor of the center, which leads automotive maintenance as well as repair company from the UK, has revealed in which the country’s decision to vote for Brexit has had an immediate impact on the holidays many people . More than 3 million people who have a holiday for the rest of the year plans say in which those plans have today changed. I say more than 1.5million Britons in which the result of the referendum has led them to spend a holiday from the UK instead of traveling abroad. 850,000 people said they are today going abroad instead of staying from the United Kingdom, while 900,000 are no longer going on holiday in which year.

Brexit had the greatest impact on plans to spend younger holidays. More than 880,000 people between the ages of 18-34 have decided to switch through traveling abroad to remain from the United Kingdom, more than double the number of people between the ages of 35-54. On a regional basis Kwik favor as well as found in which the vote to leave the European Union have strongly felt than those from the Northeast, where nearly one in six of those who are still to go on holiday, said in which year they are switching to the UK rather than going from the outside.

of those Britons who decided to spend a holiday today from the UK instead of going abroad, the main reasons for doing so as well as about cost, either choose to spend a cheaper holiday because of concerns about the UK economy from the future (40%) or say in which traveling abroad is usually today more expensive (39%). In addition, 31% want to support the UK economy, as well as more than a quarter (28%) are worried about the British people will be less welcome in Europe after the referendum.

whether they have changed their plans or not, is usually to stay from the country or go to Europe, Kwik benefit study found in which more than half (52%) of all holidaymakers will use their car on at least one trip in which year. The average distance in which the leadership of their car will be a British holiday in which year is usually 1002 miles, with London driving 1409 miles, nearly six hundred miles more than the average holiday maker through East Midlands (817 miles).

Despite starting in such long journeys, many holidaymakers neglect to make some basic tests to advance their car. Four out of every ten (40%) do not check tire pressure, six out of every ten (60%) do not check their tread depth. Only about half of all drivers check oil levels (53%) as well as the levels of screenwash (52%), with fewer radiator examination (39%) as well as oil brakes (33%). Less than one in all 5 (19%) as well as maintenance of their vehicles before detonating

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Saleh, says: “ while the vote for Brexit change holiday for many people as well as cars from the country is usually still going to be traveling millions of holiday-mile in which year. in which is usually therefore important in which motorists are prepared as much as possible – there are some very easy controls to make, which will help prevent holiday come to an earlier stop early, wherever people may be heading off to [19459006″

if any of the drivers have any concerns about the state of their car, they can take in which to the Quick Center for the benefit of the free screening.

For the latest news as well as updates through Kwik Fit, customers can follow the company on Twitter at kwik_fit .

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Source: Has Brexit Made You Switch Holiday?

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