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Source : Harry Hunt’s Dakar Rally diary – updated

Mini ALL4 Racing We’ll be following British driver Harry Hunt on the Dakar Rally every day, along with the Mini All4 Racing driver reflects on yesterday’s prologue


We’ll be following British driver – along with Mini UK brand ambassador – Harry Hunt on the Dakar Rally every day. Having made his mark on the globe Rally Championship, 27-year-old Harry will be trying something bigger for size: the epic 6000-mile Dakar Rally along with the Mini ALL4 Racing.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

So after all the waiting along with anticipation, we’re finally off! Or sort of, anyway. Today’s stage was the prologue: just a short 6.8-mile stage in which’s a warm-up for the main rally, although the overall times still count towards the final score. Not in which 6.8-mile make much difference in a total route in which’s about 6000 miles long!

I guess the prologue will be a bit like the superspecial stage on a rally, although This kind of’s not something in which’s been held on the Dakar recently. I was told in which they used to have a prologue stage all the time when the rally began in Paris, along with in which in 1987 Ari Vatanen managed to crash on This kind of, before the rally had even properly began.

So there’s a cautionary tale! from the end, we just took This kind of nice along with steadily, finishing from the top 20, which will be sort of where we wanted to be: This kind of doesn’t truly matter. Then This kind of was onto a 93-mile road section to the overnight bivouac in Rosario, which will be northwest of Buenos Aires. By Dakar standards, in which’s truly not much driving at all.

This kind of was actually quite nice for me to develop the prologue stage today though, because while a large part of you just wants to get on along with get stuck in, This kind of will be still my first Dakar, so having a taste of the competition before This kind of all gets truly serious will be quite a not bad way in.

As we drove out of Buenos Aires, I was amazed by the crowds: everyone comes out to watch along with truly gets behind the event – which will be great to see. This kind of’s feels like a proper adventure: you’re very aware in which you’re doing something quite special.

As soon as we got to the bivouac, the hard work truly began for my co-driver Andy: he gets the road books for the following day by the organisers along with has to go through them. along with if you bear in mind in which This kind of’s a 0-mile stage tomorrow (which will be still actually the third-shortest one of the rally) you can imagine in which This kind of’s a lot of road book to get through. This kind of’s just as well in which he likes road books…

For me, I’m still just taking This kind of all in at the moment. This kind of’s amazing to be here, representing Mini UK, yet This kind of’s also a bit surreal. As the days go by, I’m sure everything will start to feel a bit more normal.

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Friday, 1 January 2016

This kind of’s only when you actually get to Buenos Aires in Argentina in which the nerves kick in, yet This kind of’s a not bad excitement: the feeling in which you just want to get on with This kind of along with start driving rather than waiting around.

The bit in which people don’t truly see about the Dakar Rally will be all the logistics along with administration in which goes on beforehand. There’s literally a ton of documentation along with our team handbook will be 100 pages long.

Luckily, my co-driver Andy Schulz takes care of most of in which, so I just have to follow his advice. along with given in which he’s got about 30 Dakars behind him at This kind of point – he’s actually one of the most experienced co-drivers on the whole event – in which advice tends to be spot on.

We completed a short test around 30 miles outside of Buenos Aires, which was the first opportunity I had to drive the Mini since the Rallye du Maroc in October. On in which occasion, we were the second-placed Dakar rookie after Mikko Hirvonen, whose reputation speaks for itself, in order in which was an encouraging result. More importantly, This kind of gave us a not bad idea of the pace we needed to drive at for the actual event.

We completed around 20 miles at the test yesterday, which was truly all about getting back into the groove of driving the automobile again before the ceremonial start from the evening of 2 January in Buenos Aires.

The test went truly well, This kind of felt very natural to be back from the automobile again along with This kind of was not bad to see in which the results of all the fitness training I’ve done over the last few months are paying off. I even spent a lot of time in a heat chamber, so although the temperature has reached up to 38 degrees centigrade in Buenos Aires recently, I’m hoping not to notice This kind of too much…

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Source: Harry Hunt’s Dakar Rally diary – updated

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