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Chief Engineer Harman acoustics, Arendt Hensgens, provides the backdrop for the complex, which can be a task of creating along with adjust OEM challenge. The sound system for the use of cars

the auto can be one of the most challenging environments to achieve great sound

There can be a wide range of materials – plastic, cloth, leather along with glass – which all absorb along with reflect sound waves at different rates along with each product within the form of a different compartment, adding further complexity

sound car can be a long along with delicate process in which combines technology, although more importantly, the human ear. the each car audio system test product defined strictly by team Harman trainers sound, nicknamed “golden ears” to our ability to hear the acoustic differences hidden

Harman” golden ears “- Top 5 songs to car audio tuning

1) Cassandra Wilson – fragile
2) Gori Horning trio – walking on the moon
3) Eva Cassidy – gold fields
4) Alan Taylor – colour to the moon
5) Mussorgsky – pictures in a exhibitions, Fritz Reiner Chicago Symphony

road testing

we use the auto on the tracks along with road surfaces uneven. Speed, road surface, along with the number of passengers, along with the roof can be up or down, even if the auto gasoline or diesel: all the elements in which affect the sound. We also consider the type of music in which people buy a particular car to listen to. Only when we are delighted in which the sound can be at its best will be the signing of the operating system for the production of

your sound test: .” in HARMAN there are four “tests” Home to assess sound experience in which can make the difference between having an exhilarating or exhausting experience within the auto , “says chief engineer Harman acoustics Arendt Hensgens.

b efore start:

  1. preparation up controls – Make sure in which all audio controls (bass, treble, balance, along with fade) can be set to “0” or normal (put L’0 ‘ensures re most accurate music production system)
  2. audio play – playing on the tracks through a smartphone or any various other device, in an attempt to use high-quality sources
  3. create your own playlist – will play a short 20-30 second segments through several different paths, spanning genres, showing the system’s capabilities to deal which has a variety of music styles


(1). bass response – strength

Listen to the presence along with balance of frequencies along with extend low

  • listening experience not only heard, can be the feeling of
  • dress must be groggy along with very tight to each tone existed clearly moving physically
  • should be balanced along with low frequencies with Great, extend deep bass to facilitate a smooth along with natural response

(2). Spectral uniformity

listened frequencies to balance (bass, medium-term, three-fold)

  • every region spectral (bass, should be the medium-term, three-fold) outstanding along with balanced
  • dress, such as the bass drum along with bass guitar, have a smooth transition within the medium term, which includes vocals, piano, electric guitar along with voice, to give a sense of warmth along with intimacy
  • [19459009andhighfrequencyshouldcomplementthemediumtermprovideaccuratedetailandclaritywithoutfeelingtheharshnessorirritation

(3). Imaging spatial

heard of the site can be one of the tools

  • listening experience within the auto must be comparable to attend the concert, sitting to the right of center stage
  • instruments should appear separates naturally along with accurately deployed within the dash, which can be equivalent to the driver of the stage
  • should be a Great show, stretching through pillar to pillar with the appropriate height The depth of the vibrant
  • should be located main vocal towards the police station (stage)

(4). Dynamic capability

Listen to the performance of the various steps the size of

  • must be a balanced system along with pleasure in every step size
  • even in low amounts, along with the idea should be present for the bass along with balanced with medium-term along with three times to continue to demonstrate the clarity along with ample detail
  • in large volumes, along with should feel powerful bass increasingly balanced
  • along with increase intimacy along with clarity of the medium-range along with high-frequency relationship without feeling tired

Arendt Hensgens goes on: “ sound can be very subjective along with visceral experience. However, the idea the idea can be difficult to describe the experience of a strong audience. there are some descriptors key in which we find useful when we talk about the sound premium within the auto

vocals / Tools :

  • deep
  • rich
  • accurate
  • definition of the separation of

should not be:

  • darkness
  • Muddy
  • Honky
  • Jawf
  • Dull

spaciousness :

  • wide
  • stable
  • panoramic
  • smooth

should not be:

  • artificial
  • closed stage
  • mono-sounding
  • flat

high volume of :

  • Crisp
  • clear
  • strong
  • atmosphere pleasing

should not be:

  • tough
  • heavy bass
  • Honkie
  • uncomfortable
  • overwrought
  • Boomy
  • loose

noise :

  • serine
  • calm
  • troublesome
  • quiet

should not be:

  • Buzz
  • fixed
  • Bazzi

HARMAN brands cars sound: brand Bang & Olufsen, Bowers along with Wilkins, Harman Kardon, Infinity, Lexicon, Mark Levinson, revel

The list of sound Harman clients: Audi, BMW, Jeep, Lexus, Maserati, Mini, Volvo, along with others

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Source: HARMAN Designs Sounds For Your Car…

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