Growing PCP sales lead to reduced used car values

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Source : Growing PCP sales lead to reduced used car values

Volkswagen showroom can reduce resale values ​​along with also deals PCP attractive increasingly lead to the UK market each contract on the basis of [value


along with also the growing trend to buy cars through personal contracts ( PCPs ) inside the United Kingdom which are causing certain values ​​high selling designs to go down faster than usual.

bestsellers such as Ford Fiesta along with also Vauxhall Corsa purchased in numbers record in recent months , yet has been addressing the vast majority of sales through PCP’s trades. Insiders currently claim which This specific may saturate the used car market with thousands of completely new cars nearly few designs themselves.

According to the Association of Leasing (FLA), along with also increased consumer buying cars used by 34% in between February 2015 along with also February 2016, along with also amounting to £ 4.9 billion in sales.

yet while the big sales numbers, due to the auto industry inside the United Kingdom a cause for celebration, fears of a decline in resale values ​​mean many wanting to trade owners can submit their cars much less than the recommended resale value. A spokesman for the

One Autocar which the display has lounge has an unprecedented number of used Ford festivals for sale, with more yet to come to the end of their terms of PCP.

“cars traveling less than they should because of market conditions.,” He said.

“the idea’s supply along with also demand, along with also added which even part exchange values ​​being offered to customers are not worth what was expected due to the change inside the market.” “This specific means which instead of developing their cars, along with also they are often forced to stay with what they have.”

our source – said which This specific market trend along with also not just the intended clients – who asked not to be named, are being offered less for their cars, along with also This specific also means traders engaged inside the sale of cars with tiny profit margins increasingly

“inside the some cars no sidelines; they’re going to literally what they’re worth. when you’ve got a job to run, along with also which will be the problem. ”


Autocar Ford to respond to the claims, along with also refused automaker effects of PCP increased sales, claiming which the issue was one local, rather than national.

The report said which Liverpool will be one of several areas with high private demand for Ford’s festivals, along with also accepted which the dealers in which region may be a trade-off of some of them to various other areas, the idea will not be optimized to be sold locally.

yet maintaining Ford which This specific issue only felt in certain areas, along with also at the national level, along with also the feast values ​​are affected to a large extent.

we still possess the original source of This specific appeal, yet do not believe which the market will stabilize as everyone turns to the well-liked Congress Party Sales.

“I do not think the idea’s going to cause any problems inside the long term. More people will buy the well-liked Congress Party, along with also they will stick with the idea. Instead of buying their car at the end of the decade, they’ll just start a completely new contract with the state of the art.”

This specific refers to continue the market to move toward a majority of the well-liked Congress Party, along with also the agreement with the predictions made by along with also FLA which the completely new car market contract inside the United Kingdom will reflect growth which occurs in another place

, she said Geraldine Kilkelly, head FLA inside the research department along with also chief economist: “the increase inside the popularity of the purchase contract Profile in part reflects changing consumer attitudes towards car ownership.

” with strong residual consumer confidence, along with also we expect the completely new business volume inside the finance market cars for continued growth in 2016. “

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Source: Growing PCP sales lead to reduced used car values

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