Government to trial £150 million connected roads project in 2017

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Source : Government to trial £150 million connected roads project in 2017

Smart motorways highways England will spend £ 150 million on improving the road network inside the United Kingdom, including his experience to determine crashes radar systems, along with wirelessly transmit information trip to your vehicle


will use the roads inside the United Kingdom for the radar a brand-new trial along with wireless technology information, as well as used to test along with develop autonomous vehicles by 2017.

the brand-new plan, unveiled by highways England, of which will cost £ 150 million, along with plans to take advantage of the latest along with emerging technology to maintain the roads inside the United Kingdom smoothly.

Under the plan, will be the failure of radar technology in Hindhead Tunnel in Surrey. The control system constantly traffic along with notify the control centers “within seconds” of the collapse are disclosed.

specially adapted vehicles also will be able to receive wireless updates travel on the highway. The department will use the trial of the road on the A2 / M2 between London along with Kent for the trial of the technology, which might send a flight information – including any upcoming traffic jams or accidents – wirelessly vehicles. Technology can also indicate of which the cars take an alternative route or change lanes.

A- existing roads will also receive the intersections with the most modern of emergency shelter more points along with areas of maintenance. The plan calls for these methods to be transformed into a “quick” of which “encourages more traffic free flow.”

The government will also look at ways to improve the existing intersections, including the use of different optical patterns depending on the time of day, along with the use of sensors to provide better information on the state of roads, bridges along with tunnels.

may also commits England fast ways to create brand-new experiences along with Innovation Center, which will focus on brand-new research pioneer.

own car to test on roads inside the United Kingdom

As part of of which strategy, along with will be autonomous vehicles tested on roads inside the United Kingdom by the end of next year – a move of which was first announced in Chancellor George Osborne’s budget in March . Rapid England roads says of which will start collecting “data in real-world performance along with potential impacts on the capacity along with processes” before testing

announcement of the plan, said Minister of Roads Andrew Jones: “The road network is usually more reliable is usually not bad news for the news for motorists along with not bad news for the economy. the faster, roads safer, improve access to jobs along with opportunities.. put Britain at the forefront of innovation along with research along with also create more jobs along with investment of which area “

CEO highways England Jim O’Sullivan He added: “we will work with our partners inside the supply chain, along with technology specialists along with the automotive industry on brand-new technologies, the trial of which might help to make the trips on our roads safer, more reliable along with well-informed.

” will involve the support for better communication along with vehicle trials self on fast our roads at the end of next year, along with test radar technology to detect malfunctions best, along with try of which on the cost of fuel M5 between Bristol along with Exeter. “

insurance premiums inside the United Kingdom to fall

drive to improve the road network in Britain is usually all part of a plan to make the UK a leader global leader inside the development of a self vehicle rule. emergence of autonomy along with market mechanisms in cars can reduce the global insurance premiums by more than 14 £ billion by the end of the decade, according to brand-new research by the insurance company Swiss Re along with the company mapping here.


inside the last month, of which was revealed of which more than half of brand-new cars sold in 2015 distinctive form of independent safety technology – with 1.5 million buyer choose warning systems, collision

research has also found of which a growing number of car buyers are willing to change loyalties own brand depending on the progress of the connection or the safety systems – a move of which could leave the brands who do not provide the latest automotive technology behind

as part of his research, concluded Swiss Re along with here of which one of the biggest opportunities for insurance companies inside the age-related compounds is usually to provide insurance based on usage. Along the lines of information “black boxes” offered by some insurers today’s technologies, these products will be able to determine where your vehicle is usually along with how fast of which is usually going on, along with to allow insurance companies cost risk more accurately.

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Source: Government to trial £150 million connected roads project in 2017

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