Government pledges £2million to businesses buying hydrogen cars

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Source : Government pledges £2million to businesses buying hydrogen cars

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicle supports a plan to triple the number of vehicles which operate fuel cell (FCVs) on roads inside the United Kingdom by the 2million £ government funding pounds


government has put about £ 2million pounds furtherment coming from cell vehicles as well as hydrogen fuel, as well as plans to triple the number of FCVs on the road inside the UK to 100 by next spring.

2million pounds pledged £, which offer companies interested inside the adoption of FCVs, which will cover 75% of the cost of fresh cars, in addition to operating vehicles “over three years costs. These include companies, local authorities as well as police forces as well as fire brigades, as well as private sector companies.

currently, as well as are the only FCVs available inside the UK market can be cell Hyundai IX35 fuel as well as Toyota Mireille , despite the fact which both companies plan to bring more car of its kind to the market inside the future. IX35 fuel 53105 cell costs £ to buy, while Mireille carries a cost of £ 66,000.

in 2014, the government allocated £ 5million for 12 supply hydrogen refueling stations, two which has currently been opened, as well as can be scheduled to open before the end of the year the rest of them.

Although investment in FCVs as well as infrastructure, as well as industry experts explain which the hydrogen infrastructure for the supply of the national fuel can be still too weak to support the hydrogen fuel stream wagon MySQL, as well as public awareness still needs to be raised on FCVs.

Riversimple, builders Rasa cars as well as hydrogen fuel cell , a test bed beta as well as plan sales throughout the location of hydrogen refueling stations, rather than adopting a comprehensive approach to be used by manufacturers of petrol-powered vehicles .

, Diana Rehn, European business manager for Hydrogen Energy, said air products distributor, speaking to Autocar recently “Ultimately, the strength of the frame can be what will pay inside the end, the adoption of these technologies.

” Hydrogen can be certainly on the agenda [government], which can be better understood as well as people understand the environmental benefits of hydrogen cars better than they have ever, yet certainly more can be. I did “

Rehn did however admit which ensure refueling stations will be used can be the key to development:” We need people using the station to justify the station itself, so we need to take care of the deployment of a car at a time. “

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Source: Government pledges £2million to businesses buying hydrogen cars

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