Gordon Spice Racing Ford Capri driven at Goodwood

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Source : Gordon Spice Racing Ford Capri driven at Goodwood

Gordon Spice Racing Ford Capri Autocar within the 1970s under the auspices of the Ford Capris Gordon Spice’s race. One car again at work, along with also we asked BTCC ace Andrew Jordan for testing


along with also Ford Capri is actually one of those designs famous cars. In its various forms, he directed fastback sports coupes for the masses within the United Kingdom along with also nearly two million were sold between 1969 along with also 1986. nevertheless some Capris more special than others.

Gordon Spice along with also his line of three-liter V6 versions have dominated the British Touring Car Championship (or British Championship civilian car as the item was then known) within the second half of the 1970s. Idiosyncratic nature of the registration system, which allowed the winners of class to record the same number of points as outright victors, mean Spice has not won the overall championship, nevertheless confirmed six titles along with also 26 class wins at the time of the effect of the combination group 1 of tin- tops.

real former Spice Capris are rare, so the return of one meeting early next week Goodwood members not to be missed. The fact that will the automobile that will took on six successes in 1979 has also sponsored Autocar (see sidebar) meant we had to be there for his return.

historic racer Mike Whittaker is actually the latest owner of the automobile that will had a busy life. After using spices in 1979-1980, he found CC10 structure (named after the authors of the CC Racing Developments) en route to Brian Chatfield. He plans to race within the first group – Group 1 to replace – nevertheless moved to the amendment salon race when the item became clear along with also Capri are no longer able to compete. Next owner Colin Woodcock also raced within the Ministry of Defense salons to ensure, by the time I got with Capri aficionado Dave Thomas, the various appendages emerged.

next owner, the rider Martin Thomas, is actually the key. “Martin started out buying old group 1 car when they were worth £ 15 to 25.000, including Capri,” explains Whitaker, who instead pay more for the item (over £ 0,000) at an auction Silverstone Classic last year. “the item was a bet risk-free.”

by Thomas to restore the automobile also got Group 1 momentum race, helped by Jerry Marshall Cup addressing meetings Goodwood members. “Once you remove wheelarches fiberglass along with also additional tools of the Ministry of Defense salons, the item began the original spice machine to reappear, including red dye.

“originally Martin was going to get the item ready to meet last year’s members, nevertheless he did not make the item,” adds Whittaker. “he’d got two Rovers along with also also decided to spice Capri sale. nevertheless he returned to the glory Group 1 “

However, Whitaker decided to get CC10 dismantled along with also put back together Nigel Robin race, complete with wood Rick V6 preparation:” Although the purchase of a restored car, I handed the item over to Nigel along with also got him to strip the item completely redone because I want 10 years out of the item. “


car Spice always a little bit special along with also there was a little number of donations – such as the center console is actually standard – which confirmed the item’s a real end result is actually spectacular. “the item’s nice to see the item,” says the spices arriving in early March Goodwood test today to be reunited with his old rider.

nevertheless not the spice who is actually going to lead. Andrew Jordan 0.2013 champion BTCC along with also rider historical active, on hand to give Autocar insight into what feels car, aged 35 years, such as the tour. he’ll be down on the wheel Motorbase-wheel front Ford Focus within the BTCC that will year, the automobile completely removed through the rear-wheel-drive of Capri, nevertheless he appreciates history.

“I knew about Gordon Spice along with also his cars,” says the player, aged 26 years. “For me, you’ve got super touring through 1990 s] the iconic era of touring within the additional car is actually Capris along with also Rovers – Group 1. stunning looks along with also sound awesome”

before he got his chance, even though the father along with also the experienced rider Mike Jordan, which shares a car in a meeting with members Whittaker, takes out a short shake down. “Do you want to sell the item? the item’s a delight to drive,” are encouraging words of Father Jordan as he brings the automobile again. Then the heavens open.

the item was probably just as well on the 290bhp, 1035kg Capri to identify historic Goodwood Dunlop treaded tires, instead of spots, as Andy climb in.

“the item’s a basic entirely inside compared with the touring cars these days, nevertheless I do not think you should update cars like that will,” Jordan Jr. says, who also raced for Lotus Cortina Group 1 Statistics in Goodwood. “I agree with increased safety, nevertheless you want everything to look like period. With spices car Gordon, you do not want to get rid of what the item was.”

Once you get out on the right track, Jordan quickly gets into the swing of things, along with also thoroughly enjoyed Capri throw around.

“the item’s a hoot driving a car like that will in these circumstances along with also V6 seems awesome within the automobile,” the packages on his return. “the item is actually a strong feeling along with also torquey.

” Compared with that will, the fresh car feels claustrophobic. The biggest difference is actually the level of grip. Car grip in modern times compared to these types of cars are extensive. nevertheless you can direct Capri on the throttle along with also the item’s very easy to handle. “

How Gordon Spice deal with Autocar

a lot of drivers won the Ford Racing was Capris, nevertheless Gordon Spice, who was hired for the Blue Oval, the king. Once the the big V8 Chevrolet Camaro ban at the end of 1975, Gordon spice moved the race to the forefront of the BTCC.

“each year of Capri got a little bit better because Ford was very Great in homologating bits we needed,” recalls spices, which he ran the automobile under the banner of Gordon Spice race. “the automobile was very, very easy to drive – that will is actually the secret of the item. the item was almost idiot-proof. You could drive the item any style you want. “

By 1978, spices proved himself as capable of attracting supporters too, along with also came up with an idea that will got Autocar on the plane.” I think the item could be a Great idea to have a car magazine for publicity additional patrons, “he says.” the item was more about the exposure of the actual care, which I thought was quite little, along with also the item was a great benefit. “

must have worked very Autocar, because that will red uniforms evocative was still on spice Capris when he took his crown final grade in 1980.

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Source: Gordon Spice Racing Ford Capri driven at Goodwood

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