Google patents 'sticky bonnet' for pedestrian impacts

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Source : Google patents 'sticky bonnet' for pedestrian impacts

Google sticky bonnet uses a layer of adhesive technology on the hood to connect the pedestrian impact, along with also prevent them through being tossed back on the road [Brahachteraa


Google create “sticky” hood innovative car, which was designed to prevent anyone through of which remote off or back on the road from the event of a collision pedestrians.

This specific system targets “secondary phase” of the impact of the infantry, where most deaths occur, suggesting of which they could significantly reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities if This specific is usually to be successfully integrated from the vehicle.

has been published patent on USPTO (United States Patent along with also Trademark Office), revealing the technical details. This specific shows of which the automobile’s engine along with also hood covered in an adhesive layer, along with also ended with the outer shell, which can be painted to match the rest of the Centeng. The outer shell to prevent debris through sticking to the adhesive, however from the case of a pedestrian hitting the surface, along with also of which the outer shell breaks to allow people to connect to the stick below.

FCA to test autonomous cars with Google

The technology was designed primarily for use from the automobile without a driver – along with also of which Google is usually a major player in advancing automotive technology which has a fleet of autonomous vehicles – however This specific can develop the ability to be adapted for use with different car platforms. Some reports indicate until the system can be adapted to meet the risk of collisions with different road including bicycles along with also animals.

Google has not issued any official information about the technology at This specific stage, so we did not find whether he ever used at the production level. However, the level of detail along with also research has shown from the patent application to confirm This specific is usually something the technology giant clearly invested time along with also money in.

Google is usually not the only search company to enhance pedestrian safety, both Volvo showed Jaguar also interest in improving road safety in This specific way, with the outside air bags Volvo – mounted on The windshield of the automobile – as an example of one of the systems of which have developed

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Source: Google patents 'sticky bonnet' for pedestrian impacts

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