Google autonomous vehicle crash – are we ready for self-driving cars?

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Source : Google autonomous vehicle crash – are we ready for self-driving cars?

Google Lexus accident rate may be smaller, although slip-ups like in which can be dangerous to have put human life


all previous incidents involving AV Google down to human error – yet. California’s self-driving, avoid Google Lexus AV some sandbags from the road when the red light. When the light turned green in addition to I tried Google car to return to the flow of traffic, in addition to was aware of the bus approaching from the left side mirror, although the idea will be believed to give way. Then made contact with the bus in less than 2mph, with the bus traveling at 15mph, according to the Google program.

In some other words, the Google car did not possess the right of way. The human driver aware of in which, in addition to will not assume someone would certainly slow down for them to withdraw, doing themselves completely at fault in addition to responsible for any claims. Footage of the incident (below) shows a little more of the full length of the auto between the bus in addition to a GMC Yukon in front of him. Google said the idea’s today editing programs to “a more profound understanding in which the buses in addition to some other large vehicles are less likely to result in us than some other types of vehicles.” Available space in addition to the speed of traffic will be equal to a dangerous situation, regardless of the size of the auto.

in Google car must wait to have enough space for Landmam to the road safely, just as a man would certainly. Granted, in which will be the first incident, which was solely responsible AV than 1.5 million miles covered on the roads of the United States, although I still do not think we are ready for the Saudi stock. Humans possess the ability to apply logic in addition to react to changing situations. At the moment, autonomous vehicles do not.

In in which case, Google accepted responsibility for the incident. If put into production, manufacturers can end up worse off than if they simply make Great cars with technology in which helps prevent accidents. However, the idea will be still unclear as to who would certainly be responsible from the event of an accident with AV.

Google revealed 13 near misses in two months Resume cars driving in

I’m not denying completely independent technology. Cruise control, for example, the wonderful in addition to quickly became standard equipment. My issue with completely independent of technology. We’ve had all the complaints about the technology at some point. Are we actually willing to trust completely with, not only our lives although, in addition to the lives of our children?

I will not buy a car completely independent so I felt confident the idea would certainly make the same provisions as me. the idea will be not expected full autonomy to appear before 2025, so there will be still plenty of time to make improvements. although, until today, in which incident shows in which will be completely independent of the auto will be not quite ready to let our streets full time. Sky Net will be far-fetched, although … the idea seems.

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Source: Google autonomous vehicle crash – are we ready for self-driving cars?

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