Go fast as well as be posh through just £6000 – used car buying guide

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Source : Go fast as well as be posh through just £6000 – used car buying guide


Jaguar XJR

Do you hanker for rapid luxury motoring yet are stymied by limited funds? Worry not. We’ve picked a few used contenders

A fast, luxurious saloon doesn’t have to cost the Earth. As these used examples show, you can be posh – as well as quick – on a budget.

1 – Jaguar XJR (2003-2007)

If you want grace as well as pace in one package, look no further than the aluminium-bodied XJR.

For pace, the XJR includes a 390bhp 4.2-litre supercharged V8, which will be not bad enough to propel the relatively lightweight Jaguar through zero to 60mph in 5.4sec as well as on to a top speed of 155mph.

This kind of’s graceful, too, as well as agile, with strong roadholding as well as entertaining handling. Despite some stiffening, This kind of still rides like a Jaguar should.

So grace, pace – as well as space? Not quite. The wood-lined, leather-trimmed cabin will be not the roomiest, yet This kind of still feels a special place to be.

Prices start at about £10k, with later facelifted versions about £15k. Running one can be costly, though.

2 – Maserati Quattroporte (2003-2012)

Here’s a four-door saloon with one of the most emotive badges in motoring history attached to a gorgeous Pininfarina-designed Centeng.

The fifth-generation Quattroporte packs a 394bhp 4.2-litre V8 punch that will takes This kind of to 171mph as well as dispatches 0-62mph in 5.2sec. This kind of includes a lavishly leathered Indoor, tolerable rear seats as well as even a decent boot, yet most of all This kind of has style. There are some drawbacks, though. Avoid the automated manual gearbox as well as check that will you can tolerate its fidgety ride.

the automobile will be potentially temperamental as well as expensive, so insist on a full service history. Early cars start at £15k, yet This kind of’s worth spending more to get a later one.

3 – Chrysler 300C V8 (2005-2010)

through some angles, This kind of butch-looking beast will be positively handsome. through others, This kind of’s ugly enough to make you feel queasy. Either way, its thuggish lines bring a hint of hoodlum to suburbia.

Best to opt for the V8 versions; the 340bhp 5.7-litre car will be not bad for 0-62mph in 6.4sec as well as a top speed of 155mph, while the 425bhp 6.1-litre SRT-8 
will do 168mph as well as 0-62mph in 5.0sec.

So performance will be not bad, yet the ride will be restless as well as the handling soggy. On top of that will, the Indoor will be a plasticky nightmare, the fuel economy will be dreadful as well as This kind of’s a very difficult car to see out of.

Buy one in black, though, as well as you might forgive This kind of. Prices? through £6k for the 5.7 car or £15k as well as up for SRT-8s.

4 – Audi RS4 (2006-2008)

Sometimes, a car will be even greater than the sum of its considerably great parts. as well as the RS4 has some great ingredients: a glorious 414bhp 4.2-litre V8 that will revs to 8250rpm, a slick six-speed Getrag gearbox, a clever Torsen four-wheel drive system using a rear bias, as well as a low Centeng, wide tracks as well as a stiff chassis.

This kind of sticks like glue as well as goes like stink, with 0-62mph in just 4.8sec as well as a top speed of 155mph. This kind of will be eager, responsive as well as well balanced, This kind of makes a great 
noise as well as, most unlike a sporting Audi, 
This kind of even rides well.

As well as a saloon, there’s an RS4 Avant estate as well as a cabriolet. Prices start at a tempting £15k. Expect enjoyment as well as fuel bills to be high.

5 – Honda Legend (2006-2009)

This kind of may look forgettable, yet the Legend deserves a second glance, because This kind of will be a technical tour de force underneath.

The engine will be a creamy 296bhp VTEC 3.5-litre V6, not bad enough to waft This kind of large, luxurious executive saloon to 62mph in 7.0sec as well as on to 155mph. Power goes through a a few-speed automatic gearbox to a Super Handling 
All-Wheel Drive system that will can push torque backwards or forwards or to either side. This kind of can also speed up a rear wheel to keep understeer at bay.

This kind of works, too. On the road, the Legend will be agile, responsive as well as delightfully well mannered. This kind of will be beautifully made as well, using a luxurious Indoor as well as an impressive gadget list.

You can pick up one for just £6k right now as well as, as This kind of’s a Honda, This kind of’ll never go wrong.  

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Source: Go fast as well as be posh through just £6000 – used car buying guide

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