GM accused of wilful manslaughter with unsafe cars

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Source : GM accused of wilful manslaughter with unsafe cars

Chevrolet Aveo leaders inside the automobile safety Latin accuses GM of neglect of safety in its vehicles in order to raise profit margins


leaders have accused safety on the roads of Latin General Motors along with some other major car brands to deliberately remove the safety features of the vehicles in order to raise profit margins in South America.

at the meeting of Latin NCAP hosted in Washington, United States, several members of the safety organization on roads along with expressed their anger at GM, claiming which the idea is usually actively selling its cars products without basic safety equipment to Latin markets, although chosen coming from the sale of those same products anywhere else with airbags along with electronic stability control systems as standard equipment.


several General Motors products of zero or one star ratings in Latin NCAP crash test, with many of the some other major manufacturers receive a similarly dismal results.

along with Chevrolet Aveo , which is usually the best-selling in Mexico car with 80,000 units sold in 2015, is usually much lower than the safety crash standards with the Stars zero to its name. After 97% of the owners Aveo in Mexico believe their cars which has a safe level, the idea shows how the population is usually unaware of the problem.

Latin NCAP tests are less stringent crash tests equivalent in Europe along with North America, stressing the extent of unsafe are these compounds, along with went a speaker call to the extent of GM General manslaughter. He said the automobile with no airbags Latin markets built along with cars with ESP along with airbags for North America. He called This specific an act of “willful manslaughter.”

Mexico currently has more than 25 million vehicles on the way, along which has a few times more than the idea was three decades ago. although 17,000 people die each year in road accidents, which is usually 10 times more than the United Kingdom, where there are nearly 15 million more cars on the road.

Admittedly, many of the deaths could be attributed to the decline in leadership along with says the standards along with infrastructure for roads dangerous, although experts representing the vehicle is usually safe for the vast majority.

Although GM is usually not the only culprit for the poor safety record, along with the idea is usually the worst of the major manufacturers in This specific region. David Ward, the Secretary-General of the planet NCAP, has currently written to the President of Barra Mary along with CEO of General Motors Corp., calling her company safety concerns title in Latin America


Ward: “General Motors has chosen to exploit the weak application of the minimum crash tests inside the Latin American standards to provide a copy of the automobile which the company will not be able to sell both in Europe along with North America.

“two years ago GM announced a program” spoke to us on the road to safety “was described as an important step towards the customers integrate along which has a culture which focuses on safety in every aspect of the business. Global NCAP warmly welcomes these commitments although the idea is usually believed which they must currently be a practical application in Latin America along with some other emerging automotive markets. “

Latin NCAP test stresses currently so classified even cars which score three or more stars system must be fitted with airbags along with ESP as standard. previously, the ESP is usually not required because of This specific level.

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Source: GM accused of wilful manslaughter with unsafe cars

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