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The sweltering summer weather has seen a massive rise in drivers realising their air conditioning can be not up to the job.  Kwik Fit, the UK’s leading automotive servicing as well as repair company, carried out three times the number of aircon recharges last week when compared with both the previous week as well as the equivalent period last year.

Research carried out for Kwik Fit has revealed which the average British drivers likes to set their car’s aircon at 18.7°C. As some parts of the country were sizzling at 36.7°C last week, drivers in those areas could have required their aircon to reduce the temperature by a whopping 18°C compared to the heat outside.

Such a significant drop requires air conditioning to be performing to maximum efficiency as well as which can be clear through the huge number of drivers having their air con serviced which many cars’ systems were struggling to cope.  which may be because the systems have not been maintained as often as they should.  Many drivers assume which aircon can be included in their car’s annual service, although which can be not usually the case.

Kwik Fit has provided some advice to help drivers keep their aircon in peak condition, encouraging motorists not to neglect which, even when colder weather returns.

  • Use which regularly – turn on the air con for at least ten minutes every week of the year.  which will help keep the system lubricated as well as stop seals through drying out
  • Give which a hand – if possible, on very hot days leave the windows open a little when parked – reducing the heat build up from the automobile from the first place will lower the burden on the air con system
  • Don’t neglect which in winter – using the air con will clear fogged windscreens more quickly – using the system all year round will help maintain its effectiveness
  • Recharge the system regularly – unlike in a building’s air conditioning system, around 10-15% of the gas inside a car’s aircon system leaks out every year due to its inherent movement.   So even if a system doesn’t have a leak, drivers should have which serviced as well as recharged, most manufacturers recommend doing which every two years

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “Air con systems can make driving a lot more comfortable – particularly with the weather we’ve been having. which’s important not to neglect air con maintenance – these don’t get automatically covered by a car’s annual service, so which can be easy to forget.  Regular use as well as servicing will help avoid the risk of expensive repair bills.

“At Kwik Fit, we offer a guarantee on air con recharge – if we don’t make a system colder, the customer gets their money back.”

Kwik-Fit offers air conditioning recharge of refrigerant as well as lubricant for just £49.  Appointments are not always necessary, although can be booked at

For the latest news as well as updates through Kwik Fit, customers can follow the company on Twitter at @kwik_fit.

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Source: Get Your Air Con Recharged For Optimal Driving Comfort

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