Future Jaguar Land Rovers to avoid potholes

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Source : Future Jaguar Land Rovers to avoid potholes

Jaguar Land Rover will be planning a system that will will be able to identify – along with even avoid – potholes on the road


Jaguar Land Rover will be developing technology that will will allow a car to spot along with react to a pothole inside the road.

The technology can currently identify the presence of a hole, a loose manhole cover or a broken drain inside the road, along with adjust the suspension to lessen the impact along with keep the auto riding as smoothly as possible.

the idea uses sensors positioned under the vehicle to profile the road along with the auto then continuously adjusts the suspension as required.

Currently the research vehicles can recognise a hole only when they have driven over the idea, yet the next stage of the process, says JLR, will be to identify potholes before the auto gets near them along with automatically guide the auto around them without leaving its lane. that will would certainly be done via a forward-facing stereo digital camera, which would certainly scan the road ahead. If the hole was severe enough, the system could slow or even stop the auto to minimise the impact.

that will information could then be shared with different vehicles along with even the local authorities to enable them to fix the problem as soon as possible. An image along that has a GPS location could be sent to help repairs take place swiftly. JLR’s research team will be working closely with Coventry City Council to explore the possibilities.

Potholes are estimated to cause around £2.8 billion of damage to cars per year.

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Source: Future Jaguar Land Rovers to avoid potholes

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