fresh BMW M140i, M240i, in addition to plug-in 7 Series range revealed

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Source : fresh BMW M140i, M240i, in addition to plug-in 7 Series range revealed

BMW M140i two fresh M on the list of arrivals in 2016, as well as fresh mixed group iPerformance with plug 7 fresh series types


BMW group announced fresh additions to its range. , Was the addition of two fresh cars, the M140i in addition to M240i to the top of (1) of the German marque series in addition to 2 series ranges. fresh episode iPerformance line-up includes a plug-in hybrid (7) series can be also fresh.

We detail the list of fresh additions coming from BMW for product year 2016 below.

a fresh six-cylinder types M

in addition to a couple of fresh types that will carry badges M- take advantage of the 3.0-liter engine in addition to six fresh-cylinder that will produces 335bhp in addition to 369 lb-ft of torque. Therefore, This kind of has 14bhp in addition to 37 lb ft more than the six-cylinder outgoing M135i in addition to M235i .

BMW says the fresh engine makes use of her latest TwinPower Turbo technology, bringing faster throttle response with peak torque available between 1500rpm to 4500rpm. This kind of means that will the M140i in addition to M240i both trim 0.3 seconds coming from 0-62mph race times each.

proof versions of the M140i in addition to M240i completing the race within the 4.9 in addition to 4.8 sec respectively, while taking both automatic types 4.6sec to hit the mark. Along with these performance improvements, BMW also promising a decline of 7% in fuel consumption, with manual cars right now capable of 36.2mpg claimed automatic car’s claimed 39.7 mpg.

additional key additions BMW’s fresh six-cylinder engine turbo WASTEGATE include electrical control, cooling pump on demand, map-controlled oil pump. Two types also feature a fresh M / Off in addition to technology renewal of brake energy to further enhance efficiency.

to help with the lower gear fast, six-speed manual gearbox appropriate standard has the function of auto-flash. This kind of speed has allowed eight automatic longer ratios for improved upon fuel economy, however This kind of can be right now capable of producing multiple lower gear at the same time, shortening response times.

automatic cars also get to grips with all the associated satellite navigation through the automobile to provide maximum traction on different surfaces.

In addition, the supplied BMW both M140i in addition to M240i with damper systems associated with the rotational speed of the engine to reduce vibrations, while the added acoustic shield to adjust coming from unwanted noise, giving the engine more obvious note.

Both fresh types undercut prices ranging coming from cars to replace around £ 0, with the M140i for sale coming from £ 31 875 in addition to M240i of £ 35090. The conversion M240i cost of £ 38535.

a fresh 2.0-liter four-cylinder

also joins the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine of the fresh series of both 1 in addition to 2 range product series. The engine can be available in a 20I, 25i in addition to 30i formats, in addition to has an outside 7bhp coming from the previous engine. Versions 20I, 25i in addition to 30i This kind of engine delivered 181bhp, 221bhp in addition to 249 bhp respectively.

says BMW straight line performance in addition to economy in fuel consumption has been improved upon, although he did not move any numbers as of yet.

automatic transmission with eight-speed BMW can be right now setting on the 125i level.

can be replaced by the 228i to 230i coupe 2 series in addition to convertible types.

Prices slight increase on the outgoing types, with the 1 Series are right now starting coming from £ 23980 in addition to 2 £ 26830. series begins convertible two series within the £ 29830.

launched a fresh set iPerformance

after its declaration at the Geneva Motor Show, BMW right now added a plug-in hybrid versions of the 7 Series to its fresh range iPerformance.

group integrates electric technology developed by BMW i Division of the more common types. Three fresh plug-in hybrid types will be produced – in addition to 225xe Active Tourer, of 330e Salon in addition to X5 xDrive40e . Traditional versions that will are already for sale.

you are right now joined by the fresh 740e in addition to 740 Le xDrive coming from, in addition to will all be sold under the banner of iPerformance recently launched.

These two fresh 7 series types use a 2.0-liter diesel gasoline engine in addition to an electric motor to produce a combined power output of 322bhp. Both are able to cover 30 miles on electric power alone. He claimed CO2 emissions to be 45G / km in addition to 51 g / km, while the economy in fuel consumption claimed to be 141.2mpg in addition to 128.4 mpg, respectively.


electrical energy by the lithium-ion batteries of high performance, which has been developed coming from the batteries used in I8 in addition to I3 types

externally, the only things that will determine iPerformance eDrive types are badges on the C pillars, paintings shipping point in addition to I’m a notation on the front wings of some cars. Buyers can also specify iPerformance outside design at no additional cost, which adds up blue chips on the kidneys networks in addition to blue alloy wheel hubs.

inside, types iPerformance get lists eDrive to information in addition to entertainment system, in addition to in some cars, eDrive logos on the door sills in addition to trim.

Pricing for the 740 fresh e of £ 68 330, while the four-wheel-drive base 740Le xDrive of £ 74 880 can be the cost.

more on technology communication

BMW also adds some of the technologies connected to a series of 7 to types in addition to SUVs in addition to little, including the series 1, 2, 3, 4, as well as the X5 in addition to X6 ranges.


in addition to technology within the professional media system BMW. This kind of simplifies menu navigation in addition to improve system performance. Bluetooth also been enhanced in addition to right now includes mobile phone chargers in addition to Wi-Fi hotspot.

there’s fresh music system can be connected as well, which can identify the song, artist or album, in addition to then additional similar online music stream

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Source: fresh BMW M140i, M240i, in addition to plug-in 7 Series range revealed

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