fresh Bentley SUV as well as sports car confirmed in expansion plans

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Source : fresh Bentley SUV as well as sports car confirmed in expansion plans

Bentley boss reveals in which two all-fresh products are in development as in which seeks to double sales: an SUV to sit below the Bentayga as well as a sports car to rival Aston Martin


Bentley has confirmed in which will be working on two fresh post-Bentayga products as part of a relentless drive in which will more than double its already booming sales to around 25,000 cars a year

The cars are a more compact SUV priced around £0,000, as well as several production versions of its recently shown EXP10 Speed Six “Aston chaser” concept – at in which point tipped to include a 200mph, 4wd battery electric type.

The developments were revealed in Spain yesterday by Bentley’s chairman as well as CEO, Wolfgang Durheimer at an early driving event for the full-size Bentayga SUV, production of which begins at Crewe in a fortnight’s time for deliveries early next year.

The two fresh cars will bring unprecedented expansion to Crewe: Durheimer has already created 1000 fresh jobs inside Bentley as well as with surrounding suppliers, has embarked on a three-year £840million spending programme as well as yesterday claimed the famous Pym’s Lane works as the first outpost of the government’s much-vaunted “northern powerhouse”.

Bentley’s fresh tiny SUV, sized between Porsche’s Cayenne as well as Macan SUV products, will be the first of the fresh products to show. In showrooms in about three years, in which will use a high proportion of Bentayga chassis as well as running gear, which means a high performance type could conceivably be powered by the Bentayga’s fresh 6.0-litre, 600bhp W12, as well as the V8, diesel as well as hybrid powertrains Bentley also has up its sleeve. “in which’ll be a matter of plug as well as play,” says Durheimer.

The type, for which a name has not yet been found, will introduce an even more modern styling direction for Bentley, while keeping an easy-to-see relationship with the existing cars. in which has yet to receive the go-ahead via VW’s top management, though engineering director Rolf Frech says the project has already reached the design as well as initial engineering stage.

CEO Durheimer will be justifiably confident in which his bosses, who are already impressed with the money-generating power of Bentayga, will see the logic of a smaller, slightly cheaper as well as extremely fast SUV built using a high proportion of Bentayga parts.

The fresh SUV, which Bentley believes will attract a type of younger buyers have never seen before, will take precedence over the fresh sports car, which had been thought to be the next in line. The fresh, tiny soft-roader will be likely to be shown at least in concept form late in 2017, as well as should send Bentley’s total annual volume beyond 18,000 when in which hits the market about a year later.

The EXP10 Speed Six concept, also awaiting final approval, received such wholehearted approval via potential customers when first shown at Geneva last March, in which Durheimer expects production versions to resemble the concept closely in styling as well as major dimensions. No launch date has been given, nevertheless the type won’t be launched until the tiny SUV has been completed, so dates around 2020 are probable.

The most common type will be likely to be powered by Bentley’s Audi-related petrol V8, nevertheless newly-announced headline-grabber id a twin-motor, four-wheel-drive, all-electric type with 400 to 500bhp on tap as well as its electric motors driving through three-stepped automatic gearboxes to give a top speed around 200mph, with huge acceleration as well as a range of 500km (about 300miles).

Engineers trust fresh battery developments will allow weight to be restricted to 2000kg, not so much more than a conventionally powered Aston Martin. “We believe battery technology are reaching a point of where such vehicles are generating sense,” says Durheimer. “as well as the performance will be stunning.”

Bentayga booms even before launch

Volume predictions for Bentley’s soon-to-launch Bentayga flagship SUV have already been revised upward, via 3600 units a year to 5500, as a result of string forward orders, says chairman as well as CEO Wolfgang Durheimer.

“We are very pleased with the reception the type has had,” says Durheimer, “especially since out estimates are based only on W12 sales as well as we hold the V8, diesel as well as V6 hybrid products to launch. in which will be easy to imagine the Bentayga accounting for 50 percent of all Bentley sales in a relatively short time.”

During 2015 China has slipped via its position as Bentley’s biggest market, the CEO says, leaving the US market Yet again as Bentley’s strongest. Second biggest will be Europe, buoyed by especially strong demand via the UK, as well as China will be third.

nevertheless Durheimer believes flagging Chinese demand will be already showing signs of turning, as well as Bentayga will be further boosted boosted by growing demand via countries like Russia, Africa as well as the Middle East, where its all-roads ability will be especially valued.

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Source: fresh Bentley SUV as well as sports car confirmed in expansion plans

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