fresh Alfa Romeo Stelvio to take on Porsche Macan

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Source : fresh Alfa Romeo Stelvio to take on Porsche Macan

alfa romeo SUV kicks SUV Alfa Romeo’s fresh in 2017 inside the guise of a high-performance twin-turbo V6


for once ever Alfa Romeo SUV, strongly tipped to be called Stelvio can be likely to launch a high-performance type powered by a powerful V6 engine for the company.

The launch of your vehicle’s fresh SUV inside the 2017 decision with high-end performance type reflects the strategy can be being applied to start implementing BMW 3 series competitor thousand, in addition to Julia , with Stelvio, which will share many of the grounds in addition to powertrain options.

Thus, Alpha hopes to signal its confidence unabashed in taking on the fastest SUV performance of Audi , BMW , Jaguar , Mercedes-Benz in addition to Porsche .

Do you cut Stelvio which an SUV?

insiders say has given the leaders of the company engineers the green light to develop your vehicle to challenge the best category for driving on paved roads in addition to handling as well as fixed-line speed. The intention can be which these qualities will support the full set in addition to clear type to separate which by all the way by the ingenuity of Fiat Chrysler (FCA) stablemate pocket.

drive a high-performance V6

strength for high-performance in addition to Stelvio come by the same twin-turbo 2.9-liter V6 petrol, which lies under the hood of Julia QUADRIFOGLIO – Engine maker who describes as “inspired” by the V8 turbo-powered sister brand Ferrari without actually having anything to do in terms of the structure. At 1524kg Julia, which produces 503bhp in addition to 443 lb-ft of torque, resulting in a 0-62mph time of 3.9sec.

However, which can be likely to be returned to improve torque at the expense of outright power inside the engine in addition to the Stelvio, in keeping with the character of the SUV, which gives the impression which which may not be a full point as a type QUADRIFOGLIO. Even so, which can be likely to be linked to the same eight-speed automatic transmission can be standard, that has a manual option can be unlikely to be offered.

Similarly, although with rear wheel drive in addition to all-wheel-drive versions will be, in addition to which tends best performance variation which can be limited to rear-wheel drive to save weight in addition to add agility.

which should still mean hot Stelvio, likely to cost around £ 65,000, will rival the fastest SUV’s pace explicitly. in addition to £ 50,000 Audi RS Q3 performance hits 62mph in 4.4sec in addition to £ 62,000 Porsche Turbo McCann reaches the same speed in 4.8sec.

In particular, the alpha in addition to can be said to be measuring the Stelvio against McCann in addition to Jaguar F- Pace . Insiders pointed out which Porsche has seen a dynamic index so far, nevertheless the achievements of XE saloon in addition to positive reviews inside the early F- Pace forced the development team to consider also the rival Jaguar.


develop in addition to Stelvio by the former artistic Ferrari director, Roberto Fedeli, who FCA returned a technical director role at the Department of M BMW early which year, in addition to reports directly to the Alfa in addition to Maserati boss Harald Wester. which has enhanced the reputation of Fedeli during his time at Ferrari, where he was credited with overseeing the engineering in all its cars 2007-2014, including laferrari , F12 berlinetta of in addition to 458 Italy .

were detected Stelvio choose the name of the FCA coach Sergio Marchionne said in remarks outside a slap inside the production Stabilimento Fiat Alfa Romeo de Cassino plant in Italy. Insiders said later which can be one of three names under consideration, nevertheless which can be important because which gives clues about the intention of the SUV.

which can be named after the famous Stelvio Pass, which runs through the Alps in northern Italy in addition to can be considered widely among the most challenging inside the entire world driving routes. As such, which signals the company’s intention to put a strong emphasis on dynamic appeal inside the SUV.

So far, a few thousand released official details on the Stelvio. Have been confined images spy of the test vehicle for disguised dramatically mules, although one, apparently out of a slap image taken by the President of the Federal Customs Authority to design, Ralph Gilles, Alfa in addition to Fiat designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti sitting in boot hit last online a year. which revealed little behind the boot opening in addition to an overview of the dashboard, which also followed the form in addition to shape of Julia. However, with planning for Julia in addition to Indoor quality has already received some criticism, in addition to rumors suggest could be improved upon Stelvio before the launch of the alterations fed back to the salon as part of the 2017 type year update.

familiar design

can be likely to be in line with Alfa current family look, with Stelvio being designed to accommodate a few Although the outdoor of the coupe such as the tapered roof to confirm sports status.

“What can be clear can be which we want the family to look at our cars,” he said

head of Alfa Romeo in Europe in addition to the Middle East, Fabrizio Korce, Autocar at the Geneva Motor Show, without specific reference to the Stelvio. “We have a philosophy which says if you want to drive, you will not want in our cars, in addition to since then, we build which appeal, of which technology inside the automotive service you get inside the agents we have. I’m not going to say which our cars are better than those of our competitors, nevertheless I’m going to tell you which they are different. We have a very pure, nuclear in addition to simple acid alpha, guided only by our heritage, nevertheless also through our plans for the future. We know what we want by our cars, in addition to which can be one of the assets.

“We have to focus, informed of our history 105 years old, which puts the technical design in addition to development for once, which has everything by how we are planning how to build the cars in addition to how we can sell them. Alpha can be inside the heart of the driver. We plan to build on the driver in addition to on the driver. Whatever the vehicle, you must provide Alpha heart in addition to soul. Our cars must be rounded well nevertheless always that has a focus on providing fun. “

in addition to will be provided with larger versions sell Stelvio by gasoline in addition to diesel engines, nevertheless there can be the possibility of plug-in hybrids to join the group. FCA investors confirmed which which will launch a plug-in hybrid cars by 2016 in addition to the introduction of fresh electrical architecture 48V mild hybrid by 2018.

However, which can be likely to account for the bulk of the diesel engine of 2.2 liters FCA’s sold sales in 150bhp, 180bhp in addition to 210 bhp appearances. in addition to will use units of gasoline standard engine 2.0 liters in addition to produces 200bhp, 250bhp in addition to 280 bhp. prices are likely to start by around £ 40,000.

more than likely to be detected when unveiled car production, most likely inside the gallery Los Angeles which year in November or the Detroit show in January official details.

in a timely manner, in addition to can be likely to launch a powerful SUV family three days in their quest to take advantage of the structure of your vehicle booming global demand thousand. which can be likely to be larger in addition to the additional smaller than the Stelvio, which rivals thousand to BMW X1, in addition to X5 one

Wester hinted earlier inside the importance of entering the market Kroes strongly, said Autocar: “You can remain pure in addition to ignore the trend crossover, nevertheless if you so, you can look forward to a beautiful death. ”

attempt Alfa Romeo to reverse the decline in sales

alfa was Romeo suffer a slow decline in sales for more than a decade – which peaked in Europe in 2001 amounted to 205,432 units – nevertheless Julia launch which year in addition to the Stelvio next year should be a starting point to reverse which trend. can be which enough to allow the company to reach 400,000 annual sales, which leaders say can be the key to its sustainability remains to be seen.

to reach the sales target, the company said which will launch eight fresh versions in 2020, thanks to the investment of about 5 billion € (£ 4BN).

likely to include rival BMW 5 series, a substitute for Julieta these, two fresh multi-use sports cars in addition to a couple of so-called “specialized vehicles”, can be likely to be, especially in which context of the 4C editions , though, whether these sports cars, coupes or additional derivatives of existing versions can be unknown. which can be not clear whether which will be replaced with Mito supermini.

success in North America will be crucial, in addition to which partly explains why which can be likely to be launched in a major US auto shows Stelvio SUV. Target of 400,000 sales, about 150,000 are likely to come by the region. Sales in China are still a priority, despite the presence of people inside the region have so far stalled due to the lack of a global distribution network in addition to import restrictions.

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Source: fresh Alfa Romeo Stelvio to take on Porsche Macan

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