Formula 1-inspired Mercedes-AMG hypercar to feature Lotus tuning

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Source : Formula 1-inspired Mercedes-AMG hypercar to feature Lotus tuning

Mercedes-AMG F1-inspired hypercar Autocar rendering rumors gain momentum, suggesting rival Mercedes’ Aston Martin AM-RB 001 under development. Post Lotus could include chassis setup


Mercedes -AMG develop brand new hypercar mid-engined, which will highlight the devices F1 along with Lotus prepare the automobile -influenced structure, a source close to Autocar has revealed

insider said that will the brand new design – has been rumored about having them for several months – was right now moving within the stages of physical development, along with added that will the automobile (imagine by Autocar in providing higher) will feature a hybrid Mercedes F1 powertrain developed for the road along with engineered at the company’s technology center in Brixworth, where they are generating F1 race engines as well.

not yet whether F1 will retain the 1.6-liter engine or if the engine block will be bored way in order to improve reliability. Knows that will will almost certainly be reduced 15,000rpm limit revision racing engine largely for the same reason.

will be building the automobile along with the Centeng structure about the existence of unilateral carbon fiber F1-style, with software along with hardware to its regulations that will take effect by car racing F1 W07 F1 team’s. the automobile to make the results that will must compete with Aston Martin focused Similarly AM-RB 001 , which also benefit by the F1 technology along with knowledge construction.

pricing for Mercedes will be likely to be similarly stratospheric. Previously This kind of figure of about 3 million was raised £

brand new information This kind of week supports previous statements revealed Autocar, who suggested being considered Powertrain F1 for use in hypercar Mercedes earlier This kind of year: “We contain the most intensive energy hybrid package to exist, “said one insider in April. “that will would certainly make a great deal of sense to harness This kind of technology for the road.”

proposal to share our source of Lotus regard to the way the chassis setup. along with he supported the information with allegations that will the auto industry Norfolk were involved with adjusting the final structure of the design performance Mercedes recently else.

has contacted

Autocar Mercedes along with Lotus to comment on these allegations, although none of them have yet to offer any official response.

BMW rival

Interestingly, our source also revealed that will the secret development of a rival mid-engined design built by BMW was on the shelf.

“will be such a pity he did not go into production, along with” said that will the automobile, which will be designed to feature a V8 twin turbo engine along with that will has been described as a modern day M1. Source “that will’s blown a lot of competing cars may be far away.”

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Source: Formula 1-inspired Mercedes-AMG hypercar to feature Lotus tuning

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