Former VW boss Winterkorn to receive £7m, firm admits diesel fixes delayed

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Source : Former VW boss Winterkorn to receive £7m, firm admits diesel fixes delayed

VW loss profits emissions


Volkswagen has revealed the financial performance for 2015

Volkswagen Group the completely new Volkswagen boss Matthias Mueller admits has been delayed repair of diesel emissions, nevertheless pledges of which will be completed on time

in addition to also Volkswagen former chief executive of the group, Martin Winterkorn will be paid £ 7M in Insentif payment after he resigned through office inside following emissions scandal , has revealed

News – stated inside announcement of the results Volkswagen Group for 2015 – came a completely new president CEO of Volkswagen Matthias Mueller admitted of which behind schedule company with the enactment of reforms on the affected cars as a result of emissions scandal. However, he remains optimistic of which the company will reach its goal after he offered to all customers, “a solution of which does not affect performance in any way” by the end of This specific year.


Volkswagen Group also her first loss since 1993, in addition to also the dissemination of £ 1.1bn deficit after the judgment set aside £ 12.2bn for paying for emissions scandal. nevertheless despite the sales decline of 2% inside year-on-year, reported of which the 5.4% sales revenues upwards in addition to also of which the operating profit of the group was a year-on-year level at £ 9.65bn.

“We hold the key figures for 2015 show of which the core business of the Volkswagen is usually in not bad condition despite the difficulties in recent months, he said,” Moeller.

delayed VW emissions reforms

since January, VW has written to all Volkswagen Amarok Audi A4 Audi A5 in addition to also Seat Exeo owners in addition to also began to repair their cars age. However, of which did not start any work on the Volkswagen passenger cars so far, with the proposed reform of the VW Passat awaiting approval by the auto Centeng in Germany, in addition to also KBA. As a result, reforms for VW Golf, which is usually said to be closer to approval, priority may be given instead.

“There has been an unexpected delay inside start of further application of the plan,” said Mülller “. While we are generating progress with the Audi, Seat, in addition to also we are still working at full speed to develop the ultimate solution to the Volkswagen Passat. We may, However, giving priority to the latest type [golf]. will be generating a decision on This specific soon, in close consultation with the German transport authority of the federal cars.

“However, the fact remains of which we will continue to make every effort to implement the campaign call inside fastest time, both professionally in addition to also satisfactorily as possible for the benefit of our customers. This specific will remain the most important task we have even put the cart past a very in order. “

while Mueller said of which the team VW withheld sales details so far in 2016, on legal advice, in addition to also he stressed of which was optimistic the company on sales so far This specific year. However, he admitted of which the total figure for the year could be about 5% down on cars 10M delivered in 2015, itself a 2% down in 2014.


Mueller: “to our regret, advisers Chartered have strongly advised against such disclosure would likely disclose at This specific present time is usually not acceptable for Volkswagen risk, especially in light of the situation inside ongoing talks are the United States in addition to also “.

. He added of which the ambitions of group sales will take a back seat until befell fall-out of emissions scandal: “the campaign to break records set forth inside past years has stalled. To be very clear: Do not bother me inside least. We are seeking different schedule This specific year business – in addition to also adjust our priorities anyway

“More than ever, our most important currency is usually credibility in addition to also confidence in our brands, in our products in addition to also inside Volkswagen itself is usually restored. of which will be the confidence is usually our mission the most important over the next few months, everything else takes second place to of which at the moment, nevertheless of which does not mean we have to bury our ambition … quite the contrary we are not planning to make of which easy for our opposition to weaken us. We will fight for every customer in addition to also every car . “

electric vision of the Volkswagen


Mueller to be the first electric car only to sit on in addition to also said,” We plan to make electric cars in addition to also one of the hallmarks of Volkswagen’s completely new “. Platform Detailed MEB for sale by the end of the decade. He will lead the electric strategy VW Group by Porsche Mission E in addition to also in addition to also completely new point VW- electric car pure : “Porsche Mission E pure in addition to also pioneering electric brand of Volkswagen will be key milestones. This specific also applies on the concept of Quattro Audi you can see him, in addition to also of which will roll off the production line in Brussels, starting in 2018 which has a range of more than 500km (310 miles).

“Middle East Bank [electricVWcarplatformwillenableconceptsthenewcarentirelyaswellastheextentofmorethan500km(310miles)Thefirstcarproducedonthisbasistothestreetsattheendofthedecade”


Mueller of which the company will be more open to working with partners than ever before, saying:” The age we kept our sector itself apart through everything currently ended , once in addition to also for all. Booking, solo efforts, or even they know in addition to also do everything better will not help us achieve our goals.

“The auto industry is usually on the cusp of the next innovative leap. Future cars more efficient, more intelligent, more comfortable in addition to also safer also ever. Will be powered by electricity, in addition to also in a few years will pay itself. Will be plugged via the wireless technology of the next generation, in addition to also will always be to the latest technological standards be thanks to ongoing software updates.

“We are inside position of a not bad starting point with This specific historic shift, which will also become a race against time.”

VW Group profits Volkswagen in addition to also losses by brand

Volkswagen generated £ 82.7bn sales revenues in 2015, up 6.5% year-on-year. operating profit amounted to £ 1.6bn. [19459009 of which rose

Audi sales revenue 8.6% year-on-year 45.5 bn for £. operating profit was £ 3.7bn.


sales revenue Porsche 25.2% to £ 16.7bn, with operating profit of 2.7 £ bn. The


Skoda sales up 6.2% compared to the same period the year leading up £ 9.7 bn for. Earnings £ 712m.

seat in addition to also generated sales of £ 6.7bn in 2016, nevertheless recorded a loss of £ 7.8m.

in addition to also reached sales revenue Bentley £ 1.48bn, up 10.9% year-on-year, nevertheless the profit was 34.9% down at £ 85.6bn.

include figures for Lamborghini inside Audi for the preparation of financial reports.

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Source: Former VW boss Winterkorn to receive £7m, firm admits diesel fixes delayed

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