Ford to launch three 'Allroad' designs by 2019

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Source : Ford to launch three 'Allroad' designs by 2019

Mondeo Allroad imagined by Autocar car maker admits which he can not ignore one of the fastest growing sectors in Europe. Reinforced versions of the Fiesta as well as Mondeo possible


Ford plans to submit three copies “so Allroad” cars in its portfolio within the next three years, Autocar has learned.

car maker said stayed so far away by the trend to enhance the standard designs with cladding inspired SUV, yet the company’s number two executive in Europe, Barb Samardzich Autocar which Ford can not ignore the growing segment.

“You can even include vehicles may not think about doing the idea for, like holiday .”, She said, you put some black cladding from the correct locations, roofrack the idea, as well as get the idea looking a lot more active, without actually naming the Ford designs will be converted. He did not say the name will be given to car launches crossover.

as well as Mondeo estate could be a strong possibility to shift, since the idea already comes which has a four-year Wheel Drive option. Large Sedan fresh already includes VW Passat Alltrack as well as the idea can be likely Skoda will provide a copy outdoors again as well as awesome to replace the old design. Also in a stable VW, Audi provide a copy of This specific Allroad A6 Avant, as well as can be likely to apply to the fresh treatment A4 Avant .

Ford focus [Kddjalt real estate can be also more rugged look, as well as will be competing against Seat Leon X- complications as well as Skoda Octavia Scott .

, however, did not always take direction off; from the past year Vauxhall stopped selling Phaeton country copy of badge real estate, referring to the high the cost of converting your vehicle to accept the “whisper” fresh diesel engine.

Ford can be seeking to position itself as a specialist SUV also chases market share lost to the likes of Hyundai , Kia as well as April . The brand revised the launch of Koga at the end of This specific year, the addition of the fresh diesel engine 1.5 liters with the ability to hit 64.2mpg while emitting 115G / km of CO2. the idea will also launch a large edge later SUV This specific year, as well as can be likely to be applied where the luxurious Vignale trim to the duo.

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Source: Ford to launch three 'Allroad' designs by 2019

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