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Ford S-Max costs via £24,545

Can the brand new S-Max retain its title as the driver’s seven-seater? Almost 10 years have passed since Ford first attempted to prove of which a wee bit of style along with also also dynamic rigour weren’t necessarily qualities lost on the seven-seater segment.The S-Max of which resulted has proven well-liked – not just with buyers who found its mix of practicality along with also also well-groomed design appealing, however also with those of us who prefer to labour under the illusion of which we might be piloting a large along with also also high-sided saloon rather than a minibus.This particular, of course, was the point. Ford, apparently with its tongue nowhere near its cheek, still prefers to call the S-Max a ‘sports activity vehicle’, a marketing misnomer conjured up mostly to differentiate the item via the slightly larger (along with also also less shapely) Galaxy the item firmly considers an MPV. The distinction, though, remains critical because Once more the underpinnings – an evolution of the latest Mondeo’s modular platform – are shared between the two.To bolster the automobile’s appeal, Ford hasn’t been shy with the application of technology. The S-Max will be the first to use Ford’s adaptive front steering system along with also also there’s right now the option of intelligent all-wheel drive along with also also an extensive line-up of overhauled or entirely brand new engines, including the latest range-topping 2.0-litre bi-turbo among a glut of similarly sized oil-burners, as well as the 1.5-litre Ecoboost petrol along with also also its burly 238bhp 2.0-litre sibling.Atop the item all comes the crucial renovation of the Inside. Ford’s quaint last-decade design theme has been replaced by something more modern along with also also Mondeo-ish, along that has a revised design of the Easy-Fold seating of which was a big part of the design’s appeal.Available in Zetec, Titanium along with also also Titanium Sport trim levels, the S-Max starts at £24,545. the item’s around the same cost as a Seat Alhambra, along with also also still significantly cheaper than the brand new breed of affordable seven-seat SUVs typified by cars such as the Kia Sorento.Time to find out whether or not there’s still a place for Ford’s sportier option between the two.
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Source: Ford S-Max

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