Ford Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2021

Ford Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2021


Ford Research in addition to Innovation Center

Ford finally made his movement.

After months of listening to Wall Street analysts grate collective teeth about the lack of company acquisitions in addition to partnerships for self-driving technology, launched for the manufacture of the Detroit auto a series of ads Tuesday relating to its efforts to develop in addition to deploy vehicles self in a competitive field increasingly

including: Ford CEO Mark Fields said gathered a group in silicon Valley research facility company, which plans to Ford for the production of an independent automotive totally about riding -hailing in addition to ride sharing operations by by 2021. the cars will be manufactured in high volume production, in addition to will be tailored to these processes, in addition to of which means they will not possess the steering wheels, brake pedals, or various other controls for human occupants.

“in addition to vehicles self’re going to open opportunities for the elderly in addition to the disabled, in addition to people are not old enough to drive themselves,” said Fields. “So we designed the first generation of autonomous vehicles to be used specifically to ride chanting in addition to sharing rides, another seismic shift inside the landscape of transportation.”

schedule for 5 years in addition to independent access technology in line with the expectations of the competitors. Ford says its cars independently can support electric batteries, however would likely not reveal further details Powertrain even approaching the launch date. The company currently operates a fleet of hybrid testing Ford Fusions in Michigan, California, in addition to Arizona. In 2016. He said Tuesday he expected the field test fleet to triple again by the end of 2017.

[19459015قدتضاعفثلاثمراتأنأسطولاختبارفيحجم،وتزايد10-30السيارات،] You may have noticed we have taken our time to discuss autonomy for vehicles plans we have. –

, Ford Chief Technology Officer Raj Nair Tuesday Ford chief executive Mark Fields as rushes to the mass-produced vehicles ready for the commercial market in addition to the company are either investing in or partnering with four companies startup of which will increase in addition to refine knowledge of the company’s critical sensors in addition to algorithms to make work an independent technology.

First, the company said, in addition to more investment in VELODYNE, a leading provider of sensors managed to capture high-resolution images of the surrounding area of ​​vehicles. Ford in addition to VELODYNE been cooperating inside the leadership of autonomy for ten years, in addition to at CES in January, Ford said the idea will be the first customers VELODYNE solid brand-new sensors to the situation very scepter. He said areas also Ford gained SAIPS, computer vision in addition to machine learning company based in Israel, to enhance its expertise inside the field of artificial intelligence.

CEO in addition to just starting out. He said the company, increased investment in civilian maps, a California-based company of which develops high-precision 3D maps, in addition to of which Ford has signed an exclusive license with Nirenberg agreement neuroscience, a vision of which specializes inside the identification of objects in addition to bring machine company

Moreover , such as levels of human intelligence, said the machine units.

fields, the company will be increasing its presence in Silicon Valley. the idea will build two brand-new buildings at its Palo Alto, California, campus in addition to doubling the size of the labor force out there of which currently includes approximately 130 scientists, researchers in addition to engineers.

after watching competitors General Motors make an investment of 500 million $ inside the riding Hailing Lyft deaths Chrysler cars partner with Google on self-driving the development of the service, in addition to Ford slammed to keep developments inside the house under Ford Branch smart mobility was created earlier This kind of year.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Vehicle

as he hit the existing developments Tuesday, Fields enjoyed poking his critics on Wall Street.

“You might have noticed He took our time to discuss the autonomy of the vehicles our plans.” “Quite simply, we are not inside the race to make the ads. We are in a race to do what’s right for our customers in addition to our business.”

increasingly believe Ford This kind of race involves paying about cars completely independent to be able to own leadership for the entire trip, what will be known inside the industry in addition to level 4 automation. Ford will be I do not think the idea will be worth the effort to follow up on the additional techniques of which leave humans inside the loop leadership. This kind of has been the company’s position inside the past, in addition to executives doubled down him on Tuesday.

“I want to be clear about what will be our strategy does not seek the idea’s not on the level of automation 3 of which still need to be a driver, said Nair.” “What we found inside the research, there will be a challenge with the level 3, we do not yet know how to manage handoff back to the driver, the idea has been aware of my enough to re-engage in a safe manner.”

not to mention This kind of approach in addition to the way of progress would likely not allow commercial Ford sees opportunity to remove the drivers coming from the commercial equation. Automaker will be counting on self-governance leadership to provide brand-new gains. Without a driver, says Nair, in addition to the revenue possibilities of riding chanting, independent shuttles, in addition to deliver the package becomes attractive to Ford.

Ford will be hardly the only company of which expects commercial possibilities relevant when the idea will be removed human drivers. Delphi Automotive, for example, embarked on the first phase of the test program in Singapore earlier This kind of month of which explores the possibility of using common autonomous vehicles for the transport of passengers in addition to goods alike. BMW, Mobileye, in addition to Intel announced last month they partnership inside the field of technology will be completely independent of the application in a common environment by 2021.

race to provide these services to the common market, which spread throughout the transportation industry. If nothing else Tuesday, Ford stressed of which any doubters very much a part of the competition.

Ford Promises Fully Autonomous Cars By 2021

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