Ford Ka city car reborn as all 5-door Dacia Sandero rival

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Source : Ford Ka city car reborn as all 5-door Dacia Sandero rival

Ford Ka+ will be priced Ca + below feast, starting by £ 8995, as well as the order books are open at of which point


as well as Ford Ka being replaced city type with “affordable” holiday -sized all 5-door, called Ca +, priced by £ 8995 as well as designed to fit below the feast in terms of both cost as well as style.


orders at of which point as well as the first car will be delivered in October.

The type, which was built in India as well as sold there, as well as Vigo, significantly revised for Europe, because Ford is usually desperate to avoid quality problems have two years ago with the Cross Ecosport by the same the source.

only all 5 as well as one -door hatchback will be offered the structure of your vehicle, the two-level trim as well as style as well as Zetec.

there will be only one 1.2-liter four-cylinder engine, too, is usually closely related to the engine 1.25-liter found from the feast however cheaper to make

will feature a choice of two outputs power – 69bhp as well as 84 bhp – on Although the engine low-energy will not provide at all

Darren Palmer, Ford coach projects B- car, increase production, £ 10295 Zetec believed most type would likely be common however points out of which even your vehicle entry-level as well as well-equipped. Include

standard equipment six airbags, air conditioning, Ford Sync phone as well as sound system, as well as a docking station smartphone, as well as the speed limiter as well as hill start assist with sound.

buyers who choose the engine 84bhp can get options including climate control, which is usually covered with leather steering wheel with Cruise Control, alloy wheels, heated front seats, Radio DAB, as well as parking sensors as well as rear heated car / folding mirrors .

Palmer at pains to point out of which the suspension of Ca + has been tuned by Ford in Europe, experts at Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium.

The result is usually a structure unique specifications of its kind in Europe which has a special orientation as well as the springs as well as dampers, the front anti-roll bar, as well as a torsion beam rear tire specifications, in addition to the re-engineered front subframe as well as engine mounts.

Ca + European rides slightly lower than Indian versions as well as South America, ride as well as handle a greater number of much in line with European tastes.

“I kept telling them to make of which not bad, such as the Fiesta,” said Palmer. “I think they have succeeded.”


Ford from the past resisted association with the end of the budget of the market, however of which time has been called Kia Rio as well as Dacia Sandero competitors to Ca +, mainly because they provide the same residence status brilliant for the money.

own experiences from the launch of KA + image in Cologne proved last week of which six years footer can fit from your vehicle by the rear cabin generous surprisingly, behind another from the driving seat.

while quoting Kia as well as Dacia competitors, avoid Ford signal to others from the same cost bracket, such as Vauxhall Viva Suzuki Celerio , MG 3 Peugeot 108 , Citroen C1 as well as basic versions of the triple-based city car up the Volkswagen group, perhaps because they do not have a lot of Internal space as Ca +.

claims Ford’s president of the anterior chamber as well as the chamber leg background, helped by Ka universe + is usually 42MM higher than the feast leader in its class, of which sits on the same 2489mm wheelbase (because of which uses the global modest car platform Ford), as well as in general, 3929mm, of which is usually only 20MM shorter.

Ca + is usually the third type Ford Ka to carry a badge, however of which’s completely different by. After the first two comprehensive change in Ford’s thinking about how to make money by modest cars

of which

Ka original life 20 years ago as an item Vraei- B- auto premium city sector. The second car another city, of which time produced in Poland in cooperation with Fiat.

, as well as the latest generation of Ka + is usually all Ford, however of which achieves economies of scale because they are already selling type in size “Obviously sector Alvraei- B is usually still a chance,” said India as well as South America.


“however we have made a different choice about how as well as where we want to participate. We believe Ka + provides practicality as well as usefulness of many brand-new car buyers need, even if of which lacks the smoothness of the feast.

” For us, as well as B sub-sector is usually much lower priority, although we were never say never. “

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Source: Ford Ka city car reborn as all 5-door Dacia Sandero rival

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