Ford GT configurator launched; special editions planned

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Source : Ford GT configurator launched; special editions planned

Ford GT today, customers interested inside the completely new Ford GT can submit applications along with configure their cars online – the site also raises questions about the completely new variables revealed


Ford created specially to customers who are interested in buying completely new Ford GT, allowing them to configure the automobile.

While most of the site, which was launched today, along with given more than one interpretation of the spirit behind the Super V6 engines, which made its debut in Detroit early last year’s show, along with raised the site more questions than the so-called ‘special editions “type.

customers can configure the outdoor look along with Internal of the GT again using the component, yet the menus list as a separate area of ​​two different types special edition, with the words ‘soon’ listed side by side.

as will be the case with most completely new high-end cars, the item will be very likely in which Ford will produce ‘launch edition “type of the automobile – along with these versions to be the first off the production line, along with will be strictly limited in number, yet will provide high specification.

The second special kind will be likely to be inspired by the track type, with more carbon fiber Internal trim along with less luxurious inside. Both are likely to cost much more than the standard car, which has already cost around £ 280,000 versions.

Ford’s completely new component site allows potential customers to apply for possession of GT – the aim being to find customers who will. “Brand celebrate Ford’s” A total of 500 vehicles, including the first two years of GT production, all of which have been allocated so far

application asks buyers to enter their details along with identify options to explain her relationship with the Ford brand. Include being the owner of the Ford or Ford GT current or former choice, being a supplier to the company, using a Ford in your business, in favor of being a subsidiary of Ford charities, being a collector or influential, along with being lovers of motor sport.

later inside the application process, prospective owners are given an opportunity to describe their choices. For example, ask the influential people to describe their roles, audience demographics along with links the public platform, including social media accounts along with blogs


Ford in which potential owners who have been approved will be directed through the process of buying applications – along with through the the first years of ownership – which have a completely new Ford GT Concierge service, which aims to give customers a specially designed experiment

first round of the Ford GT applications ends on May 12. To visit component, click here

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Source: Ford GT configurator launched; special editions planned

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