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Ford Focus RS can be a completely new AWD Ford Mega slot as private as we thought inside the beginning? Here This kind of can be, finally, inside the United Kingdom, on a test track we have, on the road as well as ready to be adequate Autocar completely new workout.The RS (Ford Focus) has been a long time coming. This kind of’s weird to think about, given the size of the attention given to This kind of, in which This kind of hatch hot can be just only the third generation, although the first one arriving back in 2002.Unlike some sports cars or hot hatches, as well as there can be no central command subject for RS focus, ie DNA familiar in which will tell you – as This kind of has every day Ford – in which, ah, yes, This kind of can be the completely new focus RS.If there a basic themes, taken by a third car to achieve This kind of by: after all, can be a one-time in a coincidence, twice This kind of could be a coincidence, yet This kind of takes three things to make sure of the direction. MK1 RS was pulled off the standard concentration of the finishing line – at considerable cost – where he earned a wider bodywork as well as was created trick Quaife limited slip differential through the shock of RS brutality.The MK2 through 2009 to roll down the line like any different focus. Deception, again, focus on getting its power to road.Again there was a finite difference slipping, yet with 301bhp to deal with, This kind of will not be enough on its own as well as there can be no chance to install anything else through the front MacPherson struts as well as engine. So I went in Quaife teams as well as RevoKnuckle front suspension, as well as the reduction of torque, directing in which helped to deploy a force to the road without destroying well as driver, as well as Again, This kind of’s the driving of the vehicle power as well as suspension system, which are the beneficiaries of deception This kind of time the subject around .The can be: focus RS has never distanced himself through trying something completely new in order to obtain the brutal power tires, for a car of its size, to the road. This kind of time, four-wheel drive gets nod.yet Unlike competing systems, This kind of’s not just led the front, pushing the power breeches when you need them. Both. Ford has promised to perform something special.
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Source: Ford Focus RS

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