Ford Focus RS vs Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 1: brand-new vs used

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Source : Ford Focus RS vs Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 1: brand-new vs used

Ford Focus RS vs Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 1 we pit the 1992 classic Lancia Delta HF Integrale against the brand-new Ford Focus RS, however do not the brand-new rule is actually always to use which?


as well as also RS (Ford Focus) is actually a huge deal at £ 31,000 – in high-performance limpet which has attracted comparisons with 19,459,006 Nissan GT-R, itself admitted the theft in three times the cost.

like the GT-R, as well as also RS relies heavily on deception mail a not bad combination to make the four-wheel drive as well as also turbo power. however although digital brutality can apparently local decoder B- your way in stroke, which does not always delivers when which comes to engaging explicit driver. For the same money as the focus, you can buy an alternative isotopes, machine floors which led to six constructors’ titles the entire world Rally Championship, “was voted the greatest ever hatch hot by the readers of Autocar magazine’s Development: Lancia Delta HF Integrale

as well as also the focus of two of the clutch, which monitors a barrage of sensors 100 times packages every second for the distribution of up to 70% of torque to the rear axle in normal conditions, 100% of which can be flipped between the rear wheels in 0.06sec.

in contrast, Integrale rely on mechanical channels coupled with viscous center (variable 0.53% rear biased by default) as well as also differential Torsen which sends up to 83% of a campaign to either side of the rear axle. as well as also which’s electric steering, dampers adjustment as well as also ESC to focus versus hydraulic steering passive dampers inside delta, where lies the stability control inside palms of the hands as well as also the soles of your feet as well as also your console. can not be the skin of the turbine each paw charger super slot in two more different ways.

as well as also the final INTEGRALES, Ivo 1 (1991-1993) as well as also Ivo 2 (1993-1994), is actually the final iteration of the breed, with the additional horsepower, larger brakes, chassis stiffening as well as also firmer suspension reconfigured with additional travel compared with 16V HF Integrale which came before. There is actually also a rear wing adjustable bodywork swelling needed to build a wider tracks (based on the apparent arcs unboxing well DUCATO Fiat took a weekend work-in-one design – different times, in fact).


prices are rising steadily in recent times, costing the patronage of £ 25,000, with rare versions topping £ 100,000. Yellow car I’ve had here in my care for 15 years, a Ferrari Giallo Evo 1 edition, which came with chunky black leather Recaros, air con as well as also ABS as standard. After the recent restoration, which is actually worth about the same concentration.

which is actually likely to be only on the RS double test takes honors as internal focus. Yes, which’s glamourless unexpected space, with varying materials as well as also seats the quality of his record, however beside the fragile plastic as well as also Integrale, vinyl, squared-off buttons, chairs Unretentive, weak stalks idiosyncratic as well as also low, shallow, only rake steering wheel hides half of Speedo, which’s Dreamliner firm. Ford gets the dual-zone climate control, DAB radio, Bluetooth, adaptive headlights, automatic wipers.

Lancia carries a wheezy air con as well as also separate controls for front-laundering as well as also the judiciary. Vital, even though they have a place to sit. Let’s move on …

Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 1 internal

Ford Focus RS Inner surface

bigger question: Do you still feel Integrale fast? Garrett T3- blown 2.0-liter engine is actually a full 135bhp shy of 345bhp Focus 2.3, as well as also despite the fact which the Italian car weighs 249kg less, which is actually still short of power comes to weight 156bhp to 216bhp per tonne as well as also Ford. however our test archive via registered which only 0.7sec slower to 60mph in 6.0sec despite the launch control to focus on. The clouds rollingstart during the shoot we have won comfortably through the focus, however which was far through shy Integrale.

So, yes, which still feels fast. Even more so because of the dual power doggy Lancia delivery for: floor the throttle at low revs, as well as also you can rely on delayed aloud. however to do so outside of 3750rpm as well as also kicks inside turbo faster using a heady, preparing boom. High courses as well as also Turbo Cache is actually which which engine as canned vegetables is actually to Popeye

, as well as also low inertia, turbocharged engine dual slider in focus – with Coke have extra capacity can – is actually more responsive much across the board. There are some delays at low speed, however which soon dissipated, as well as also drive fast, packing a powerful punch through mid range upwards. The sturdy, short-throw gearshift obedient even when criticized, contrasting with the work on the Integrale more weak across long gearstick which is actually topped using a mound of rubber. However, which is actually sweet as well as also accurate when they do not feel harshly.

Note Lancia engine is actually more realistic sounding of the Ford, using a strong growl which might be more fun if which were not for the wall of sound emanating through different parts of your vehicle. Movement oz range, not scuttle shake, leather creaking, wind noise as well as also the structure which resonates at any wheel meets a sharp edge is actually loud enough, however then there’s the exhaust, which reduce the aftermarket muffler is actually bassy in traffic The slots howling storm when toiling Turbo

all the racket is actually what Lancia back more than anything else. You can enjoy warble Ford, as well as also the roar of a contrived pop as well as also pop more easily however, in fact, do not drive is actually a charming ears.

on the right track, as well as also RS’s technical focus flexes muscle for sickle rings around Integrale. A combination of decisiveness, poise as well as also traction telephone lines which 345bhp on the ground with remarkable ease as well as also efficiency, especially with the dampers inside sport ultrafirm mode. Turn in late as well as also hard as well as also rather than succumb to understeer, which just digs in as well as also swallows all dominant. In drifting as well as also track conditions, you can get a kick benign of the tail when you go out, too.

Integrale as well as also feel dirty in comparison, the main task is actually to track defects being more abundant than travel suspension as well as also 25% yield fatter tires Centeng roll as well as also abundant appetite for larger understeer. We can not hold a candle to focus here.

however the lethargy-roads with the British, the old-timer comes into its own for the same reasons. Where – even with the dampers in Normal – Ford balls along the back as well as also certainly strongly however through all over the lump, Lancia laps up the terrain like Ariel Nomad

on the rugged directly under full throttle, as well as also. Electronics seem to dispatch torque focus to go to the mixing proportions, as well as also lifting the bodywork which way as well as also which while physics grim through the mechanical movement of a group Integrale strongly grinds away, kept the tires flush with the asphalt by those dampers luxurious while feelsome, ever- leadership even natural preserves honestly her address.

there is actually still such a big moment inside roll to a corner kick, however once settled Lancia in, as well as also there is actually the sweet spot where the suspension, steering as well as also traction unite to pivot your vehicle around, as well as also keep one way or another grip when you add steering angle as well as also / or strangulation. which allows you to keep the spool turbo, as well as also ready to make which happen punch of torque at adjusts the road. Although the Centeng shimmies Integrale, as well as also shows bodywork wonderful fluidity which almost stately compared with Ford’s faster as well as also more frenetic, which offers a lot of accuracy however little clarity directing less likely constantly.

which is actually a limited area where the magic lies with Lancia: which is actually still convert any way back to the nodal WRC special stage. however which space has made even the smallest of being the only left-hand drive, before they become so rare which might be foolish to expose the steel through rusting hungry to use the roads outside the warmer half of the year.

as usable film, focus RS rallies to win. A combination of speed limits as well as also dealing funny old car a clean pair of heels appears, as well as also which is actually supported by the creation highway respectable, build quality, as well as also the practical application as well as also operating costs. which’s performance at affordable prices for our time slot, capable of providing the highest legal level-tingling brain which can – as well as also probably – shoot every day

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Source: Ford Focus RS vs Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo 1: brand-new vs used

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