Ford Focus RS versus Volkswagen Golf R – twin test

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Source : Ford Focus RS versus Volkswagen Golf R – twin test

Ford Focus RS versus Volkswagen Golf R we stadium King hot brand-new slot against his Volkswagen, although what divides them?


most of the comparative tests do not start, the idea gave me brilliantly, quiet road dappled sun in southern Europe. in which one almost ends there when surprised registered within the United Kingdom to find Volkswagen Golf R , Ford threatens brand-new confiscate RS (Ford Focus) ‘s keys of us, although in which’s another story.

No, in which comparison test, like many others us, begins when I climb to R golf outside the lock near Heathrow airport on a Friday night after work along with willingness to pay across the two countries. in which is actually the kind of thing in which can give a brand-new focus RS a truly hard time, because when the idea comes to the knee in general, along with in particular rupees, familiarity breeds anything although contempt.

Yes, you already know in which Ford is actually nice if you have visited or read Autocar last week / three weeks / six weeks (delete apply peace be upon him). although the Golf R is actually anything although second-class. Some people have put money on in which being a foregone conclusion. I’m not one of ’em before they begin, along with even less so when I arrived in Valencia.

You know a lot about the auto if you drive 1300 miles in two days, even if 98% of the idea is actually 80mph straight line tarry controlled by Cruz. Dizziness along with sliding the road sometimes remind you of what the Golf R to do when the roads turn corners. Rest of the trip reminds you what is actually not bad golf all the time, regardless of what letters come after her name.

Volkswagen , you see, does not have quite the same spirit as the Ford when the idea comes to sports cars the idea to them. Ford nearest equivalents’s ST versions “are GTIs VW. Cars daily usable due pariah turned dynamic unacceptable. Ford RS first program, though, is actually something different: a team distributed with usability daily along with replaces the idea using a focus along with carefully. the Ford preparing to give a quality ride away to handling; the idea will give way to corruption leadership if the idea gives the feeling along with so on.

along with I think, along using a tendency to start to add up, along with they do not have in which kind of talks in Wolfsburg. Yes, the idea has given the Golf R some quality ride away to the Supervisory Board along with the keenness of treatment, although the auto is actually still tolerated to drive hundreds of miles in an individual day.

provided, in which is actually, you can Take full advantage of media endeavor. Golf – such as Ford, as we shall see – has adjust things settings such as hardening of the damper, the memorandum engine along with responsive leadership. Ford will not dirty themselves with the word ‘comfort’ on the RS, although Volkswagen allows the idea, along with although the idea may be a slight exaggeration, along with according to the criteria Golf SE, along with R riding acceptable for its 235/35 R19 Bridgestone.

There is actually a touch of fragility to the types of poor surface in which disappear pretty much as soon as you’re driving on the right side of the channel, although always consists of them along with control them. He steers Sarah, along with also: Links in 1.9 turns between locks although, like all German car I can think of, nervous at all, thanks to a lot of high-speed development of work in a straight line in his homeland

engineered. the idea’s as not bad as the idea always was. The driving position is actually spot on, the steering wheel can be pulled close along with ideally spaced pedals quite likely. the idea is actually not unusual to find the R using a six-speed manual gearbox instead of the dual-clutch auto, although I’m glad we did. Focus RS is actually a six-speed manual only, so the idea retains its specifications closer.

On the face of the idea, there is actually not much within the mechanical specifications, with their turbo four-cylinder engine, manual gearbox along with four-wheel drive. Even tire sizes are the same if you go for 19 S optional golf.

where different the two most unseen within the oily bits. The focus within the displacement of more than one-third liter engine. the idea’s 2.3, not 2.0, along with develops an appropriate more power as a result of: 345bhp instead of 296bhp. in which helps to feature within the 0-62mph times (4.7sec versus 5.3sec), although I’m not worried about the idea. I never pushed Golf R, along with decided in which they urgently need more power. What will count is actually how they feel.

along with in which’s where the differences within the four-wheel drive systems, which will play its role. Bit technology is actually approaching: VW 4MOTION system carries a longitudinal clutch to divert power to the rear wheels. Theoretically, the idea is actually possible to send 100 percent of torque to there, although you have to have a shower on the front wheels wet basin before deciding Golf breeches were the right place to put all the torque. More than once, a golf driving of the forward energy along with shuffles back part when he wants to, along with there are a range of electronic systems used to control the system stable to convert the idea when the idea gets there – by pushing the power, for example, for rear wheel State by braking into one. We know the idea’s a not bad system along with we know in which the idea anticipates your own corner exit by preparing to send torque to the rear until you turn in. I remind myself how not bad the idea is actually when we get to the same range of angles such as the focus.

Ford comes with the promise of a more mechanical systems in its arsenal. Unlike VW, always pushed the power to the rear axle Ford – 70% of the idea – along with the idea’s by there, where there was a clutch electronically controlled each side of the rear differential, the electronics decide how much energy will be used rear axle package. Every 70% of the energy can go to the rear wheels, along with up to 100% of in which to any of the sides, despite the fact in which most of the time, through the slip along with mixing, the idea sort of things rather than evenly. To a large extent, the focus is actually on the back dominant instead of the front axle, though. Golf is actually the opposite. Does in which matter? Perhaps the idea was.


cars also adjustable dampers. We have maintained a Volkswagen within the softest setting on the way down to Valencia, although also continues to focus RS into view, I figure the idea’s better to turn the idea back. I will not dwell on the looks, although the RS Focus is actually looking more aggressive – more wings along with skirts machine, along with the like. coloring helps, I’m sure of the idea.

inside the Ford, there’s not much to get excited about as there are outside. There are sports Recaro seats, although you are sitting high – too high for our tests – the arrival of the wheel is actually smaller than the idea was in Volkswagen means you have to seatback flips upright to some extent. Spacing between the pedal along with the gearshift is actually still not bad, though; Volkswagen along with Ford are both manufacturers who do in which sort of thing well. Geometrically along with in terms of perceived quality, along with the rest of the insides focus on delivering the best of golf, although in which is actually not a big surprise. The problem may be compared to diesel cooking, although not here, where what matters along with not more than in which is actually the way you go on the road.

I swap in focus. Immediately, the idea shows in which he had a poise along with agility, along with even with the dampers within the development of the softness of their own. Riding well is actually controlled nicely after manages to be so without the fragility behind Volkswagen. Leadership has come in 2.0 turns between locks although feels more direct response off straightahead of Golf – still with no nervousness, along with mind. There are natural liquidity to the shelves of the two cars, although Ford is actually in which little bit more attractive, more responsive along with accurate.

focus is actually fast. Both cars are plenty fast enough, in all honesty, although the ability of additional Ford gives the idea more urgent than low-response sessions. There are reactions by analog engine, along with also: exhaust in which cracks along with explosions on launch (antisocially in which as you move up a media drive). Voted for VW – although far by a bad one – comes mostly by symposer sound near the base of the dashboard. If the idea seems a little artificial, along with in which is actually because, while Ford is actually more visceral – more honest. although none of in which is actually a big difference between twocars: the idea does not seem, not directing, not force, not the leadership position along with not internal. Marked difference between the RS Focus along with Golf R – obvious difference between the RS focus along with nothing else, not only in class although also in several categories both above along with below – is actually the way Ford goes around a corner

paints Golf along with angles ably , to understand. the idea is actually slightly tilted along with control hard along with you can feel the power being shuffled around to prevent understeer along with improve agility. Systems work well. Torque is actually sent to the back along with Golf is actually a Master of the Temple neutrality. You can make the idea understeer or violently attacked a modest bit (on the circuit damp, which can make the idea do both rather more than in which, obviously), although the idea is actually always precise along with controlled. the idea is actually adjustable along with participation, as well, along with the mind. There are acceptable directing their feelings along with structure responds to your feet as well as hands. in which is actually why the idea’s a car 4.5-star. They did not come all the way to Spain to get a steal.

although the way Focus RS corners are a class apart. Show more salt, he feels lighter on your toes, along with more adjustable, fast cornering outrageous. If you want to turn quickly, my suspicion is actually in which there is actually a great deal in in which aspect Nissan GT-R will allow the idea.

although still there are immediate, along with feels the amendment there, too. Drivetrain Serbia along with wants back to assist within the operation of the vehicle. Certainly, on the way to a corner, along with axes to focus around the waist in in which fast Ford, way tuck in along with asyou raise, although what to do once you get back on the throttle is actually more interesting than in which, even in normal mode. Bodywork rearbiased feel positively, more so as you turn through the media, although with what looks like a quadrilateral security drive, which, he says, the BMW M235i come without

While all of the Centeng’s control – even in a softer dampers, although especially so if you consolidate them, as you can in any drive mode by pushing the end of the leg index – is actually very exciting

along with RS goes around corners like no some other. Car I can think of. You do not have chuckability light Renault Megane Trophy, or rear drive pure engine by BMW, along with have more adjustability along with the ability of the Golf R. along with Nissan GT-R is actually probably the most similar in biased to the rear, fashion shuffly. April is actually probably the fastest midcorner too, although after in which the idea should be. the idea’s also a damned sight more brittle along with uncomfortable. Ford along with costing less than £ 30K. Unusual.

is actually more easily summarize what remains of the focus pack. Engine: vibrant, along with poppies. Gearshift: the spot. Brakes: strong. although those moments in which live with you after the end of the campaign turns, those in which are still within the ‘although they truly just do in which? “Kind of way. As within the Megane Trophy, dealing with flooded everything else you’re thinking within the auto

along with the idea leaves an indelible impression is actually enough to give a focus RS beat the Golf R – anything, frankly, is actually almost over through the corners, if in which is actually the basis on which we rule in which comparison. do not misunderstand: I am far by unhappy to climb back into the game Golf R for a rematch – perhaps happier, in fact. as a compromise, as the Royal casually, Volkswagen still takes a heck of a lot of beating. although, as appropriate, as happened, a car for you to simply log on along with pay crackers off of the idea, along with focus RS is actually phenomenal.

Ford focus RS

cost £ 29,995, 0-62mph 4.7sec. maximum speed 165mph. Economics 36.7mpg. CO2 175G / km. sidewalk weight 1599kg. engine structure 4 cyls, 2261cc, turbo, petrol, installed front, incidental, 4wd. strength 345bhp at 6000rpm. torque 325lb ft at 2000-4500rpm (347lb ft on additional enhanced overboost); power-to-weight 216bhp per tonne. qualitative production 152bhp per liter. Manual box 6-speed. along 4390mm. supply 1823mm. length 1472mm. wheelbase 2647mm. fuel tank 51 liters. domain 412 miles, boot 260 liters. front suspension MacPherson struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar. rear suspension multi-link, coil springs, anti-roll bar. brake 350MM ventilated discs (f), 302mm ventilated discs (r); wheels 8Jx19in. Tires 235/35 YR19

Volkswagen Golf R

cost £ 31745, 0-62mph 5.3sec. Maximum speed 155mph. Economics 39.8mpg. CO2 165g / km. sidewalk weight 1476kg. engine structure 4 cyls, 1984cc, turbo, petrol, installed front, incidental, FWD. strength 296bhp at 5500-6200rpm. torque 280lb ft at 1800-5500rpm. power-to-weight 198bhp per tonne. qualitative production 149bhp per liter. Manual box 6-speed. along 4596mm. supply 1799mm. length 1467mm. wheelbase 2630mm. fuel tank 55 liters. domain 495 miles, boot 340 liters. front suspension MacPherson struts, coil springs, anti-roll bar. rear suspension multi-link, coil springs, anti-roll bar. brake 340MM ventilated discs (f), 310mm ventilated discs (r); wheels 8Jx19in. Tires 235/35 ZR19

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Source: Ford Focus RS versus Volkswagen Golf R – twin test

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